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"The Final Cut" [also known as "The Final Cut (Part 1)"] is the 4th episode in Season 2 of The Next Step, and the 34th episode overall. It aired on March 14, 2014.


The Nationals team is chosen with devastating results for some A-Troupers.


The dancers are rehearsing the choreography and it is noted that Amanda is picking it up faster than the original A-Troupers.

Riley season 2

Riley is annoyed at Beth's arrival.

Riley gets aggravated when, while practicing with James in The Music Room, Riley is forced to assist Beth with the choreography. Stephanie returns from acting classes and asks Tiffany for help with the choreography as she missed the entire lesson. Tiffany gets frustrated, especially since she hasn't gotten down the choreography yet either, but ultimately helps her. Phoebe tells the dancers that only five minutes of practice time remain.

The dancers prepare for their imminent auditions. Group one, consisting of: Tiffany, James, Amanda, Chloe, Cass, and Jake takes the floor. Tiffany, being a hip-hop dancer, struggles with the fouetté section of the routine. Group two, consisting of: West, Riley, Beth, Thalia, Morgan, and Daniel, take the floor. Afterwards, the final group, takes the floor, consisting of: Stephanie, Richelle, Noah, Giselle, Eldon, and Hunter. It is obvious that Stephanie does not know the choreography, and she struggles throughout the entire routine. After the auditions conclude, Kate, Emily, Phoebe, and Michelle disperse and Emily pulls aside Michelle to ask her to assist her in getting drinks for the dancers, confessed to be a part of Emily and Hunter's plan.

As Emily and Michelle enter Culture Shock, Emily tells Michelle that she is over what happened as Hunter enters. The plan is simple: Emily and Hunter will make Michelle jealous, causing Michelle to realize that she still has feelings for Hunter, ultimately leading to Eldon and Emily getting back together. Emily asks Michelle to get the juice at the counter where Hunter is loitering. Meanwhile, Emily approaches Eldon who is seated in the store. Emily tells Eldon that for the good of the team, she and him need to be okay. Simultaneously, Michelle and Hunter hug after agreeing to remain friends, which Eldon notices. Emily plays off of this by saying that she could never be so secure if her significant other's ex returned, especially if they were as cute as Hunter. Although, Eldon still seems undeterred, and Emily leaves.

Kate, Emily, Phoebe, and Michelle are conferring in Kate's office, the dancers nervously awaiting the verdict. Stephanie watches on with Tiffany, sure that Emily won't let anything happen to them. The four judges re-enter the studio, knowing that many dancers will be disappointed. Emily remarks that the new team isn't the one that one Regionals, but will hopefully be the one that wins Nationals. Kate announces the 12 dancers (excluding Emily and Michelle). Riley, Eldon, James, Giselle, West, Hunter, Thalia, Chloe, and Daniel are called, with only one spot left, leaving Tiffany and Stephanie to realize that somebody is going to be let down.

Riley stephanie tiffany richelle season 2

Stephanie, Tiffany and Richelle realise they did not make the team.

The final spot goes to Amanda. Stephanie and Tiffany are devastated at being cut, and after confronting Kate, Tiffany runs out of the studio crying. Although the chosen dancers a celebratory, they admit that they are going to miss Tiffany and Stephanie. Hunter approaches Emily to thank her, and they further their plot to make Michelle jealous by pretending to flirt with each other. Afterwards, as the new team is interacting, Stephanie tearfully confronts Emily about her not being on the team and feels as though she will never forgive her.




  • Tiffany says that, being a hip-hop dancer, she struggles with the fouetté section of the choreography. Although, she performs a series of fouettés in the Season 1 title sequence and the Regionals routine.

Cultural references

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Pink Floyd.




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