Michelle art teacher better than this "It's a tree, just like this one."
"Mmm—that's broccoli."

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He just accepted the dance battle.

Hunter to, Emily

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"The Girl Is Mine" [also known as "The Final Cut (Part 2)"] is the 5th episode in Season 2 of The Next Step and the 35th episode overall.


Hunter challenges Eldon to a secret dance battle.


Riley james season 2

Riley closes her eyes, shocked that James would agree to do the duet with Beth.

Kate calls James and Riley into her office and tells them that since she felt bad that Beth did not make it into A-Troupe she had granted her a duet for a small local competition, but that unfortunately, Charlie (her partner) bailed. She asks James to be her partner and he accepts, despite Riley's wariness of the situation. At Culture Shock, Michelle is buying juice when Emily and Hunter enter together in their attempt to make Michelle jealous. Eldon enters then, and after Emily leaves, Hunter tells him that he really likes Michelle and wants to be the one dating her. He challenges Eldon to a dance battle in which the winner gets Michelle and the loser backs off. James and Beth are in Studio A, rehearsing their duet, when Riley walks in and is instantly worried.

Chloe has the job of teaching a Baby Ballet class, much to her distaste, as she has a fear of children. Margie tells that she'll have to eventually get over her fear and gets the other kids to hug her. Eldon asks James and West for advice about the dance battle without telling him that he is the one involved. The boys inadvertently tell him to go for it, knowing that Eldon is referring to himself.

Hunter emily season 2 4

Hunter tells Emily that he challenged Eldon to a dance battle for Michelle.

Amanda approaches Emily at Culture Shock in an attempt to become friendly with her, although Emily tells her that she doesn't trust her. Hunter pulls Emily away to talk to her and tells her about the dance battle, which upsets Emily, as she is sure Eldon will win. Eldon comes in then, and tells Hunter that he accepts. During all this, Amanda is eavesdropping on the conversation.

Baby Ballet is still in session, with Chloe having a lot of trouble. She calls in West for help. Margie advises her to lighten up and believe in herself. James and Beth are practicing their duet, and Beth is having trouble with the hip-hop portion. Seeing this, Riley suggests that she do the duet with James for Beth to see. As the two dance, Riley expresses that she isn't as insecure any more about James' relationship with Beth and at the latter of the duet, they hug.

Amanda season 2 2

Amanda smiles as she replays the dance battle.

Hunter and Eldon are in the Music Room, preparing for their battle. The rules are: whoever loses backs off of Michelle and that no-one else can know of their battle. The dance battle commences. Although the two start on pretty even playing fields, it becomes apparent that Eldon is losing when he cannot match Hunter's breakdancing moves due to inexperience in the genre. After performing the Head Slide, which pushes Eldon to the end of the room, Hunter is declared as the winner. When the two exit the room, Amanda comes out of hiding, and is revealed to have recorded the entire event on her phone.


  • Michelle's middle name is Beatrice.
  • Michelle's left shoe is a size 7 while her right is a 7 1/2.
  • Michelle decided to become a dancer at 9 when she did a duet with Hunter at summer camp.
  • Amanda still may be an antagonist.
  • Hunter has defeated Eldon in the first of 3 dance battles taking place across the next 2 seasons.


Cultural References

  • The title refers to the song of the same name by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney.





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