The Helicopter Lift is an advanced overhead lift that Giselle and Daniel perform.


Giselle wished to do this lift when A-Troupe converses about adding something new to their Regionals routine and asserts that she and Daniel know how to do it. Kate disagrees to the integration of the lift in the routine, resulting in Michelle pulling Giselle and Daniel aside to have them demonstrate the lift for her. Daniel, afraid that his ankle injury might worsen, asks to perform the lift in Studio A rather than Studio B, as the ceilings are allegedly too low. Eldon agrees to spot Daniel and Giselle on the lift, and not tell anybody that they are performing the move. After the two perform the lift successfully, Michelle integrates the lift into the routine. When Daniel and Giselle perform the lift during the actual routine in front of their peers, Daniel falls to the ground in pain and is later revealed to have an ankle sprain.[1]

In "Nobody's Fault but Mine", Noah and Richelle perform the lift in a quintet rehearsal for the second qualifier.


The Helicopter Lift is an overhead lift that is meant to resemble a helicopter.


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