To all my villagers, I wanted to gather you all here today to say 'thank you'. Because of your effort, we've won the war!

— a quote from the novel, "Dancing with Myself"

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The Horses of Davenport is a fictional historical novel that Cassie, Sloane and Amy were supposed to have read for book club a book club meeting, although Sloane never actually reads the book, and instead lies that she did.[1]


The Horses of Davenport is a fictional historical novel. Only Cassie and Amy have read it, although, Sloane briefly lies that she read it before admitting the truth to her companions.[1]


The novel focuses on a war in which a captain and his army somehow save the horses of Davenport. It is unknown how this is done or what the horses are saved from, although it can be assumed that the horses are saved from "the farm" — where horses are turned into glue — as that is the antagonistic aspect of the book that is presented.


  • An unnamed captain — nothing is known of this character except that he is French.


The cover of the book displays a horse and a white and pink rose.


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