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An unnamed shopping mall is featured throughout Season 2. It is the site of many important plot points throughout the season and, to a lesser extent, simply an area where the characters hang out in their free time.


The mall is first seen in "My Boyfriend's Back" when Riley, Eldon, Michelle, and James are walking around it. It is during this time that the four observe Amanda being kicked out of Elite Dance Academy.

Emily notices Amanda and Lucien conversing about their plan to bring down The Next Step at the mall in "Game On," which leads to a pivotal point in the show's season.

In "Just Dance," a flash mob is held in the mall for Michelle in the hopes that she will return to The Next Step.

Emily and West spend time at the mall in "Water It," so that Emily can display her affinity for returning items. This marks the first and only time that a store within the mall is seen in detail, and the first time that an employee at the mall is featured.


The mall is a large building equipped with a variety of stores, the most notable being Idol Fashion.


Season 2


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