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Now that I'm here, which one of you is leaving?

Ella to A-Troupe

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"The New Girl in Town'" is the 15th episode in Season 3 of The Next Step and the 79th episode overall. It was first aired on April 2, 2015. It is the mid-season finale.


A dancer from England arrives and joins the Next Step, and Riley must mentor her. Meanwhile, Amanda attempts to get out of going to Sweden.


A-Troupe is dancing recreationally in Studio A when an unknown British (according to her accent) girl suddenly walks in and asks which one of the dancers is leaving, since she has arrived. She asks if Riley is leaving, as she seems like she needs a holiday. Riley, and the other dancers alike, are instantly confused.

Amanda learns that she will be going to Sweden.

West inquires as to who she is and she reveals that her name is Ella. The dancers are still confused though, and Kate arrives to relieve the confusion; Ella is from England and is at the studio as a part of the Absolute Dance Internationals exchange program. In addition, Kate reveals that one of A-Troupe's members will be leaving for Sweden: Amanda. Despite the fact that Amanda will be back in time for Internationals and that it is a great opportunity, this means that she will probably not be featured in a Internationals dance. She does not wish to go, but instead wants to stay and practice.

West, Noah, and Riley are tying their shoes. They exchange goodbyes and Noah and West disperse; Riley instantly does the splits, as their shoelaces were somehow tied together. Ella comes out of hiding and reveals, inadvertently, that she did it. She confesses that she realizes her first attempt at making friends is juvenile, but that the loss won't be. Ella, West, and Noah find the prank amusing, but Riley does not. Ella thinks that Riley needs to loosen up.

Giselle approaches Michelle at Hidalgo's and, seeing as how much drama occurs at the studio, asks her for assistance in regards to being Dance Captain.

Kate and Ella are in Kate's office, when Riley enters, seeing as Kate previously beckoned her. Kate reveals that she thinks Ella should be shown the ropes of the studio; Riley instantly suggests asking the Dance Captain, but Kate bequeaths her with the duty, as Ella has told her that they have gotten along quite well. Riley is sure it will be a disaster.

Amanda is sitting in Hidalgo's, upset because she doesn't want to go to Sweden. West approaches her and asks her why she's upset, and she tells him the answer.West tells her she is lucky she gets to go and reveals countless facts he knows about Sweden. Realizing that West has an adept knowledge of the country, Amanda proposes that he goes instead of her, and he concurs.

Michelle leads Giselle to the Music Room where a couple of J-Troupers and Richelle are to help act out scenarios. Josh pretends that he is injured, and Giselle is thrust into the situation to create a solution as Dance Captain; she instructs Josh to do a jeté, followed by a pirouette. Since she has the Dance Captain Diary, Richelle tries to assist Giselle; she tells her that she is going to "permanently injure [Josh's leg]." He jokingly says that he'll also sue, causing Michelle to tell Giselle that she has bankrupted the studio. Giselle realizes that she isn't doing too well.

Riley is with Ella in Hidalgo's. Ella pulls another prank, this time on Max, in which the lid to the sugar falls off when Max pours some into his tea. Riley, being the opposite of Ella's tricky self, doesn't see how she can possibly get along with her as she continues to purposely make people uncomfortable.

In one of the simulations, Becca complains about being unable to pay for dance.

Scenarios are still being tossed at Giselle, who isn't doing too well. Becca, as a part of another scenario, says that she has to work to pay for dance and that practice is cutting into her shifts. Giselle proposes that she get free dance lessons. Subsequently, the other J-Troupers ask if they can get free dance lessons as well and Giselle graciously accepts. Michelle expresses her despair, as this is the thirteenth time that Giselle has made the studio go bankrupt. Richelle suggests that instead, they make a schedule for Becca so that she has time for dance and dance. Giselle doesn't understand how Richelle seemingly has all the answers.

Amanda and West enter Kate's office, and Amanda tells Kate that West will be going to Sweden instead of her. Kate immediately says "no." When Amanda protests, Kate asks West to step outside. She tells her that the real reason Amanda will be going is because the strongest dancers are needed at Internationals. Amanda is offended as she was Dance Captain at Elite and The Next Step, but is now merely an alternate. Amanda agrees to go to Sweden, but tells Kate that she is wrong about her. Riley and Ella enter Studio A, where Thalia and Eldon are, with Eldon attempting to get 30 pirouettes. Ella asks them what they're doing, and Thalia tells her they're having a hard time trying to reach 30 turns. She explains further that if Eldon reaches that amount, then they can date. Ella is confused, and asks if that's how they date in their country; they explain that they don't, but that it's a special case. Ella asks if she can help and gets positive reassurance, but when commencing her proposal, refers to Eldon as "Elliot." Ignoring the correction, Ella goes on to propose that if Eldon reaches 24 pirouettes, she'll give him a "snog." Eldon considers this and, as promised, hits 24 pirouettes. Being a woman of her word, Ella kisses Eldon, which instantly angers Thalia. Thalia pulls Riley aside and tells her that Riley needs to keep Ella under control; Riley retorts that it isn't her problem. Thalia realizes that she is right, and leaves to give Eldon "even more motivation."

Giselle is in Hidalgo's sulking over how seemingly bad she is at being Dance Captain. Richelle enters then, and tells her that it will get easier. Giselle doesn't understand, until Richelle gives her the Dance Captain Diary. Giselle claims that she has heard about it, and is honoured to now own it. She promises she will read every last page.

Michelle is video-chatting Hunter, who is at school in Madison. He tells her about all of the great things that have taken place in her absence and says that everyone at her old studio misses her, causing her to feel nostalgic and second-guess her decision about staying.

Riley finds Ella in the Music Room, covering James's drum set with bubble wrap. Riley decides to help her, seeing that James constantly does silly things. When they finish, the two of them hide behind the mirror. When James enters the Music Room, he gets the impression that the studio is moving away because of the bubble wrap. Ella and Riley snicker from behind the mirror and each throw a drumstick covered in bubble wrap at him. James assumes it's West pulling the prank on him, but is surprised when he sees Riley and Ella. All three of them have a good laugh; Ella is happy that Riley is starting to loosen up more, while Riley says that it was fun to do something more rebellious that usual.

Thalia drags West into Studio A and kisses him twice, right in front of Eldon, to encourage him to do more spins. When Thalia orders him to spin, he musters a mere 9 pirouettes. Thalia expresses her disappointment before storming away.

Ella tells Amanda to have fun in Sweden.

Ella is performing a solo later in Studio A and Amanda walks in. She confesses that Ella doesn't look like the weakest dancer and says as much to Ella when she finishes. Ella is confused and Amanda explains that she thought the weakest dancers went on the exchange programs. Ella says that maybe this is what happens at The Next Step, but she is the strongest dancer at her studio. Ella tells Amanda not to feel so down, because the trip could be fun. Amanda decides to take her advice.

Michelle is packing up her mom's stuff into the moving van, because her mom is moving back to Madison. She will be staying with her for a couple of days. Eldon, Riley, and Thalia come by to say goodbye to her and bring her muffins that Eldon thankfully didn't bake. Michelle appreciates the thought and is sad, as she can't imagine what it would be like to be away from her friends. Riley is confused as to why she is teary-eyed, because she will be returning as far as she knows. Michelle bids them farewell and they say that they'll see her later, except Michelle isn't so sure.




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  • The title of this episode refers to a song of the same name in the movie Hairspray.





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