West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Studio 1 is a fresh and inspiring space. It's exactly what we need to get TNS back on top.


Riley stepped down [as studio head] and decided to go to business school instead and... I honestly think that's a really good choice for her.


Coming into this new space is... great. I mean, I'm returning to The Next Step for another season and it's... awesome. I just feel so different though, without the old A-Troupe, without my old friends... it'll take some getting used to.


Michelle: I didn't know you were auditioning. I'm so happy you're here.
Emily: Oh... I thought you knew.
Michelle: [Almost inaudibly] About what?

Everyone! Everyone, gather 'round. As most of you know, I'm Emily, former A-Troupe member and former dance captain. And now...your new studio head!

Emily, to the auditionees

Guess who's back!


I have also gone ahead and hired the best choreographer in the business. Everyone, please welcome... Daniel!

Emily , to the auditonees

We plan to have the best A-Troupe The Next Step has ever seen.

Emily, to the auditionees

I'm in disbelief that Emily is the new studio head. We used to be on the same team and now, I have to answer to her? I don't know... this is way too much for me to handle.


Henry: You're looking better from the last time I saw you.
Noah: Man! I actually... I actually met this girl at one of those ballet workshops I was doing.
Henry: Oh. Okay!
Noah: Yeah, I really like her. But we're not dating or anything. But she might be coming to the auditions today.
Henry: Awesome!
Noah: But, hey! Who knows if we're on the same team?

I can't believe that Noah's crush is... Jacquie. And, it's just ridiculous because that's my ex-girlfriend... and... just... I know nothing good can come out of this.


This kid is a J-Trouper. Do you really think he's gonna make A-Troupe?


I decided to not audition for A-Troupe this year because I got this really great offer to assist Luther Brown.


In this studio, we wear our hair up when we dance.

Emily, to Amy

The Next Step has always been about being yourself, being unique, and with Emily being the head, I feel we're just gonna become... robots.


Emily: So, what do you think of the new studio?
Michelle: I think it's... great.
Emily: I know! It just screams: perfect, exclusive... professional.

You know, Michelle, I am really excited to have you on the troupe this year. I think you were very underutilized last year and I'm really ready to change that. I wanna make you the star of our team... well, my team.

Emily, to Michelle

Thank you so much for coming. Both Daniel and I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, we're not going to be asking any of you to dance today, but we would be more than happy to see you on our B-Troupe. Thank you so much for coming.

Emily , to the members of group 1

Miss Kate has tasked me with getting the studio ready for Regionals. We are not gonna win with breakdancers or hip-hop dancers or J-Troupers like Ozzy. They just don't have the technique. So, they gotta go.


What? N-no, that's crazy! You didn't even let them au—

Amy , tries to protest to Emily before getting cut off my her stare

This isn't The Next Step that I know anymore.


It's always been a thing at The Next Step that everyone gets a change to audition. Whether if you do hip-hop dancing, ballet dancing, jazz dancing, it doesn't matter. We're all on the same level. The Next Step is changing... and I don't know I feel about it.


We're looking for creativity, versatility but, above all, technique.

Daniel, to the auditionees

Henry: How could you like Jacquie?
Noah: How can I not? Have you seen her? She's amazing, man!
Henry: You don't get it. The Jacquie. The one that broke my heart. That I'm constantly talking about. That's her. Yes.
Noah: That's... that's that Jacquie?
Henry: Well, now you know, so you can stay away from her.

You've got to be kidding me. B-Troupe? Have you ever heard of a dance captain being moved down to B-Troupe?

Skylar , to her fellow B-Troupers

This is a mistake. I'm so done with this studio!

Skylar, to the B-Troupers as she exits the locker room