A 5 Minute recap shown before the first epsiode


  1. Noah cheats on Jacquie and Paige walks in to them kissing on the regionals final day. Shows Paige ingorining Jacquie and Amy confronting her about it and telling her off.
  2. Piper being able to do her areal. After being able to do it she has taught herself more acro tricks for the auditions. It shows the time she couldn't do it and them the times she could.
  3. Richelle breaking through her emotional wall. She thought she would be the best dancer as Paige was set to become the studio head but finds out Michelle and Emily are still doing it and Paige is remaining the team.
  4. Kingston's dancing. Shows how much he improved Over the season
  5. Michelle and Emily's decisions. Shows the effect of all their decisions and that they have bought the studio.
  6. Summer, Amy and Henry love triangle. Shows all the drama it caused and where they are now, how happy Summer and Henry are.
  7. Acro Nation. Talks about the dispensation of the team and that Thalia gave Paige her dancers and she formed a troupe with TNS dancers and Acro Nation to form The Destroyer