The Next Step Dance Academy is an app, released worldwide in December 2014.  


Introducing The Next Step Dance Academy

Introducing The Next Step Dance Academy


The new iPad app with over 3 hours of interactive dance lessons from The Next Step cast!


A cast member has two dance styles to teach the player. The jazz lesson is free, whilst the other dance styles cost real money. In each dance style, there is a warm-up, part one, part two, part three, part four, review and a dance-along. Once you have completed the dance style, you get a badge. If you get all 10 badges, you "become a member of A-Troupe".


  1. Jazz with Thalia
  2. Lyrical with Thalia
  3. Street style with James
  4. Breakdance with James
  5. Broadway with Giselle
  6. Ballet with Giselle
  7. Pop & Lock with Eldon
  8. Freestyle with Eldon
  9. Hip Hop with Riley
  10. Contemporary with Riley




  • West (hip-hop only; assistant teacher)