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This article deals with some form of policy. As such, the information on this page is of great importance and must be read and understood by all users on this site.

Creating fanfiction can appear to be a daunting task. But, it is very easy so long as you adhere to certain rules and guidelines. Any questions may be directed to any of the administrators. If you want a review for your fanfiction, you may request one here.


Before you create your fanfiction you must read and understand the rules, with absolutely no exceptions. If you break the rules in creating your fanfiction, you will be warned or blocked. Admitting to not having read the rules despite having made a fanfiction is grounds for automatic blocking.

  • When creating a fanfiction page, it must always be preceded by the prefix "Fanfiction:". Pages will be renamed or, in some cases, even deleted in this is not done.
  • Every fanfiction page needs a template in order to make it clear that it is a fanfiction and does not pertain to the show's canon. The template used depends on whether the fanfiction is a chapter or main page. Chapters correspond to {{Fanfiction chapter}} and main pages correspond to {{Fanfiction mp}}.
  • Fanfiction can only be edited by the user(s) who created it and admins if need be.
  • Fanfictions that are incomplete should have {{Incomplete fanfiction}} at the top. Complete fanfictions should have {{Complete fanfiction}}.
  • {{Seemore}} must be added and completed at the bottom of every fanfiction.
  • All fanfictions must be added to proper categories, as seen here.
  • Fanfiction can not have plagiarized information from otherwise canon pages on the site or other fanfictions.
  • All fanfictions must be appropriate all ages. Therefore no sexual content, extreme violence, or profanity is allowed.
  • All fanfiction must pertain to The Next Step and can pertain to Lost & Found Music Studios. Note that original characters are welcome, although it suggested that fanfiction character pages are made for original characters.
  • No leaving mean comments on other people's fanfics — only constructive criticism is allowed.

How to create fanfiction

Main page

Your fanfiction must be started off with a main page, which will contain links to chapters and characters and provide background information about the story you wish to tell in following chapters. You may make a main page by going to the fanfiction portal and create a fanfiction or going here (with this option, you must remember the Fanfiction: prefix in the title).

  • {{Fanfiction mp}} must be added and completed on your main page.
  • Your next step is to add content. It suggested that such is done under headings and subheadings for clarity although this is not mandatory. Suggested headings are:
    • Synopsis - Under this heading you write a general synopsis of your story.
    • Characters - Here, you list the characters who will be in your story.
    • Chapters - If applicable, you may list the corresponding chapters to your story.
  • At the end of the page, you must add the {{Seemore}} template so that readers can easily view your other works.
  • Lastly, add all corresponding categories to your fanfiction so that it is easy to find. For a complete explanation of fanfiction categories, see the fanfiction categorization guide.
  • Now you can preview and publish! :)


Chapters are very important pages, as they contain your story! These chapters are to be listed on your main page. To create a chapter, create a new page, add the prefix Fanfiction: then your main page name, and "/" and then the chapter name. (i.e. Fanfiction:The Next Step Rocks/Chapter 1 or (i.e. Fanfiction:The Next Step Rocks/Chapter 1: Amazing).

  • Add the {{Fanfiction chapter}} template and fill it in as best as you can.
  • Now, go ahead and add your content!
  • At the end of the page, you must add the {{Seemore}} template so that readers can easily view your other works.
  • Lastly, add all corresponding categories to your fanfiction so that it is easy to find. For a complete explanation of fanfiction categories, go here.
  • Now you can preview and publish! :)

Other Fanfiction Pages

Other than stories, you can make fanfictions of virtually anything. A popular alternative is a Fanfiction Character page, but locations, events, and other creative ideas are welcome. For these, you must create or request the creation of duplicants of pre-existing infoboxes that do not have the original categories. For example, if you want to make a character fanfiction, you would copy the information in {{Infobox character}} and create {{Fanfiction character}} where you would paste the information. You would delete the categories at the bottom of the template page and replace them with Category:Characters (fanfiction), Category:A to Z (fanfiction), and Category:Fanfictions. Also ensure that the aforementioned rules are still followed, and that the page has the Fanfiction: prefix. If you are confused, just contact an admin, and we'll make the infobox for you!


Utilizing proper grammar on your fanfictions is important for multiple reasons. Overall, it makes your story much more sound and professional. Your fanfiction will be easier to read. Also, your fanfiction is much more likely to become featured and win contests if it is grammatically correct. Here some points to internalize:

  • Always capitalize the first letter of a name and the first letter of a new sentence.
  • Use appropriate punctuation.
  • Divide your text in paragraphs. Nobody wants to read one big blob of text.
  • When writing a conversation, start a new line whenever a new person says a word.


An image is always nice in helping a reader understand the story. Images used can be:

  1. Current ones on the site.
  2. Your won drawings/edits/images.
  3. Another person's drawing/edit/images as per requested here.

Please not that all images must:

Final reminder

Please remember that the rules need to be upheld when making fanfictions. If you haven't read the rules, this is your final reminder to do so before creating a fanfiction. If you do not follow the rules, do not be surprised if your fanfiction is deleted, if you are warned by an admin, or if you are blocked by an admin.

Making a fanfiction is not easy, and sometimes they need to be updated. If you gain a following, users will expect you to update frequently. Do not create fanfiction if you are not up to the challenge.

But, remember to have fun!!!!