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This article deals with some form of policy. As such, the information on this page is of great importance and must be read and understood by all users on this site.

Categories are needed to sort fanfictions and make them easier to find. There is a simple system of fanfictions that writers must adhere to.

General categories

These categories must be added to all fanfiction pages.

  • Every fanfiction page must be added to the A to Z (fanfiction) category so that fanfictions can be viewed in alphabetical order.
  • Every fanfiction must also be added to the Fanfictions category.
  • Your fanfiction must be added to a special section that is purely for your fanfictions. This category is typed as Category:Username (fanfiction) in which Username is the name of the fanfiction's author.
  • Your fanfiction should also be added to a genre. Genres may have to be added in accordance to certain fanfictions. For example, a genre category may be written as follows:[[:Category:Romance (fanfiction). All genres can be found at Category:Genres (fanfiction).

Specific categories

These categories are for specific fanfiction pages.