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What do people think of for an area dedicated to discussions of racial, romantic[?], and gender-based privileges? I feel that every time it's been brought up in the past the showrunners have taken offence and shut down the conversation before it can begin. Fingers crossed that they're doing better for S6, which we won't get to see until the new year, but until then maybe it would help to have a designated area for TNS in relation to the wider social contexts that we can point to. Note: I don't mean to tone-police whatsoever. Write your griefs/frustrations however you feel them (minding that you stick to the site rules), but then maybe we can collaboratively form them in a way that might encourage the showrunners to engage in a dialogue with us.

What does everyone think?

Also, there's nowhere that actually enables you to follow this page

--Frequentfandomfanatic (talk) 09:25, December 7, 2017 (UTC)

Why don’t we consider a page dedicated to a list of wishes for the show so people can talk about there wants for the show

I suggest that you add a page for Season 7 since a Season 7 has just been confirmed by Myles and Briar.