The Off Season: Season 2 is the interlude mini-season between Season 5 and Season 6 entitled "The Scholarship". It is comprised of 14 approximately 2-minute long episodes about the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship, featuring new characters, hints at Season 6 storylines and more. The episodes are available almost worldwide, on CBBC iPlayer, in the U.K. and on THE NEXT STEP YouTube Channel in all other countries, excluding the U.S.A. and Canada, where they will be available later in 2018. The episodes started airing on the official Family Channel YouTube starting on July 27, 2018.


In The Next Step: The Scholarship, with a prestigious L.A. workshop on the line, A-Troupe - and some new faces - audition to impress renowned choreographer Stacy Carpenter. Who will win?





No. in Season Image Title
"Let the Auditions Begin"
Dancers, including those from The Next Step, begin auditioning for the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship.
"Summer's Audition"
Summer dances the emotion ‘Hope’ for Stacy Carpenter as Amy, Piper, and Simone look on.
Piper's aud
"Piper's Audition"
Piper is next to audition, but Stacey's suggestion of "Embarrassment" for her themed freestyle brings up bad memories. Will nerves get to Piper when auditioning for the scholarship?
Amy's aud
"Amy's Audition"
Amy believes it is now her turn to shine this year, but will she impress Stacy Carpenter and the judges with her freestyle dance interpretation of the emotion 'love'?
Noah's aud
"Noah's Audition"
Noah is asked to dance about leadership and aims to leave everything on the floor. As the longest-serving member of A-Troupe, could a scholarship to L.A. bring him bigger and better things?
Henry's aud
"Henry's Audition"
After leaving romantic rivalries in the past, Henry has the confidence. But will it be enough for his freestyle dance solo to win the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship?
Jacquie's aud
"Jacquie's Audition"
Jacquie is challenged to dance the emotion 'jealousy' in her audition for the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship, but is determined to not let sibling rivalry with Davis get the better of her. Meanwhile, Henry and Noah wonder about the future of The Next Step studio.
Davis's aud
"Davis's Audition"
Davis is asked by Stacy to dance about 'connection' - but why are she and her sister Jacquie so hesitant to share a dance studio?
Lily's aud
"Lily's Audition"
Lily, daughter of The Fixer Miss Angela, attempts to impress Stacy Carpenter in a dance audition showing off her 'humility' - something she has little of.
King's aud
"Kingston's Audition"
In baby ballet and beyond, "basement dancer" Kingston has been working hard to improve his abilities. But will it be enough to win Stacy Carpenter's scholarship?
Finn's aud
"Finn's Audition"
We don't think Finn prepped enough for this audition.
Ken's aud
"Kenzie's Audition"
Kenzie is full of self-belief, but will that be enough to secure the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship?
Ozz's aud
"Ozzy's Audition"
Did Ozzy ruin his own chances during his Stacy Carpenter Scholarshup audition? Talking so much about a video game might get him in trouble...
Wh rich
"Where's Richelle?"
Michelle and Emily visit a recovering Richelle in the hospital while the rest of A-Troupe is auditioning for the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship. But why are they acting weird?


The nature of the season reveals information about the current and upcoming characters:

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