The Spider is Giselle's signature move.


The Spider is an acro move in which one goes into a chest stand and runs their legs around, resembling what a spider would do.


Of all of the people on the show, Giselle is the only character who is able to perform this move until Season 6 when Amy performs it during A-Troupe's introductory routine.[1] In "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better," Becca asks Giselle if she can teach her how to do it, although Giselle tells Becca that she has to learn how to bridge-walk first.


  • Although Giselle is initially the only character who has performed the move on the show, Shelby Bain, who plays Amy, has claimed that she can perform The Spider in real life.[2]
    • In Season 6, Amy performs the move for her first time on the show.[1]


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