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James's band is a band comprised of Luke, John, Theo and James. It is colloquially known as James's band, but still does not have an official name. This band is introduced in "Coming Home?" James momentarily quit the band, but eventually rejoined. The band is a significant part of Lost & Found Music Studios.


The band is introduced in "Coming Home?". Other than James, the first member of the band to be introduced is Luke, the band's lead vocalist and guitarist. The other two members, John and Theo, appear in "Marry Me", but are not formally introduced until "Put You First." Although John and Theo have similar roles in the band, Theo is seen more frequently than John is.

The first practice session to be seen is of James and Luke in "Coming Home?". The first time the full band is seen playing together on-screen is in "Marry Me" when they perform at Kathy and Arthur's wedding. Their second and latest performance is in "Put You First." In "Sweet Spot," they can be seen practicing one again.

In "Mixed Messages," James quits the band in order to spend more time with Riley. Despite James's departure, the band remains together, and even books their first official gig soon after.[1] Eventually James rejoins the band, now fully committed to it without dance as a distraction.


Initially, the only characters who heard them play an actual song are Riley, Arthur, Kathy, Deborah, and Enzo.[2] According to Riley, the band is very good. Eldon, Hunter, and West have only heard Luke and James practice, although they seem to enjoy their music, as they excitedly dance along to it.[3]

However, after James quits A-Troupe and starts playing full-time with the band, they perform for Season 4's A-Troupe[4] as well as at the dance-a-thon organized by Piper.[5]


  • Luke (lead vocalist/guitarist)
  • John (back-up vocalist/guitarist)
  • Theo (back-up vocalist/bassist)
  • James (percussionist)



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