The costume closet is incorporated into the music room at The Next Step Dance Studio, and is where costumes and clothing are stored.


Both Emily and Hunter find themselves trapped in the closet while looking for a clean shirt for Hunter, who has had juice spilled on him by Emily in Culture Shock. Fortunately, Hunter manages to use his phone to get a text to Michelle, who comes to let them out.[1]

James, needing to get #10 done on Riley's list, attempts to bond with Emily, and soon the two find themselves recounting stories about Riley in this closet.[2]

The boxes containing the costumes for Absolute Dance Nationals are also stored here[2] before they are stolen by Amanda and Emily and disposed of, as part of Amanda's plan to take down The Next Step. After the costumes are recovered by West, Kate decides to take them home with her for safekeeping.[3]


The costume closet is a large, walk-in closet that holds an abundance of costumes and clothing. It has no door handle on the inside — meaning that the door has to be propped open, because if it closes, anyone inside at the time will be locked in. The door to the closet is orange in colour, and the inside is techni-coloured. There is also a surveillance camera situated inside, which displays a black and white video image.[1]


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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