The costume cupboard is a closet in Studio B that holds costumes. 


In "Can't Fight This Feeling", A-Troupe rummages the cupboard for costumes for Regionals when their original costumes are missing in action.


While the Costume Cupboard is largely comprised of random dresses and other outfits, there are a few recognizable costumes that have been seen.

  • Bunch of grapes[1]
  • Cow (mask)[1]
  • White rabbit (mask)[1]
  • Butterfly (mask)[1]
  • Chicken[1]
  • Clown[1]
  • Astronaut[1]
  • Prince[1]


The Costume Cupboard is a yellow cupboard with blue shelves with masks and costumes on them. A rack of costumes is also inside.


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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