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The music room is a recreational facility in The Next Step Dance Studio that is no longer in use.


The music room makes its first appearance when the auditionees for A-Troupe use it to rehearse Phoebe's choreography.[1]

While the music room is sometimes used for the band and others to play music in, is more often used for the rehearsal of dancers, especially those in B-Troupe, J-Troupe, and Baby Ballet, thus having the same function as the defunct Studio B.

After A-Troupe wins Absolute Dance Internationals, the room goes out of use.


The music room is a wooden-floored, spacious room. The peach and periwinkle walls are adorned with designs and lamps. Ballet barres are also in the room and mirrors are situated behind the door.

The music room holds a costume closet within it, the door of which cannot be opened from the inside.[2]


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