"This Changes Everything" is the 15th episode in Season 5 of The Next Step and the 149th episode overall. It aired on November 8, 2017.


"Piper and Amy‘s secret plan is put into action, as the dancers rally to unite the studios under one banner. Amy's future at the studio is threatened when her mother makes a difficult demand. Emily and Michelle are forced to face their shortcomings."[1]


Ozzy coaxes Michelle into Emily's office in Studio 1, claiming Emily has badly injured her ankle and needs to be taken to hospital. However, once Michelle enters, Ozzy locks her and Emily in, and returns to Studio A with the key. Emily, whose ankle is perfectly uninjured, and Michelle call for Ozzy to return.

The newly merged A-Troupe prepares to rehearse their routine in Studio A, with Piper and Richelle leading. Amy is not present as, unbeknowst to her peers, she is auditioning for Gemini Dance Studio per her mom's request. Fed up with having to wait for her, the team decides to start the routine without her. Emily and Michelle bicker with each other, eventually leading the former to divide the room in half with blue sticky tape.

As they are trying to work the routine out, Ozzy suggests an idea, but nobody takes it seriously. Yet, when Josh suggests the same idea, everyone loves it. The dancers discuss whether to cut Amy out of the routine due to her continued absence, as they don't have much time left. Just then, Amy enters the studio and assumes her position. Piper is curious as to where her friend was, but Amy lies that she had food poisoning but is now feeling better.

Feeling discouraged, Ozzy retreats to the locker room. Noah consoles him and reminisces upon his struggle on A-Troupe after just entering from J-Troupe. Feeling better, Ozzy returns to the rehearsal.

Michelle and Emily continue to argue. Emily assures Michelle that she could never understand what she has gone through, as she has always had everything handed to her. Michelle considers Emily's point of view. Back in Studio A, Ozzy comes up with another idea. When he approaches Richelle, she quickly dismisses him, but Ozzy wows the others with it. Noah smiles at him, knowing that his advice helped.

Emily tries to pick the lock to her office and makes a rude comment toward Michelle. In retaliation, Michelle claims that her life isn't as easy as Emily thinks. She tells her about her parents' divorce and how she has no sibling to talk to. Emily considers this and for once sees Michelle's point of view. Both of them help each other with the lock and manage to escape the office. They head to Studio A to lambaste the dancers. Amy receives a text confirming that she made it onto Gemini. The news upsets her as, even though she does not wish to be on the team, she knows her mom will make her take the position.

When they arrive at the studio, Michelle and Emily find Kate and the twelve dancers of the now merged team. Not wanting to have Michelle and Emily fight, the dancers say that it was their idea to merge the studios. The dancers perform their routine, which impresses Michelle, Emily, and Kate. Seeing this, Kate allows The Next Step Dance Studio to compete at Regionals, with Emily and Michelle now co-studio heads.



  • Noah references his time on J-Troupe.
  • Michelle references her parents' divorce, which takes place during Season 3.
  • Michelle references The Next Step's Regionals win from "Winner Takes All."
  • Emily references Eldon breaking up with her to be with Michelle before their Regionals finals dance in "Winner Takes All."
  • Emily references being locked in a closet, which occurs in "Time to Move On."
  • Michelle references Emily cutting some of the best dancers from A-Troupe, which occurs in "The New Regime."
  • Emily references Michelle quitting A-Troupe and creating TNS West, which occurs in "Go West, Young Michelle."
  • The skirt that Lola wears is identical to the one Riley wears in Season 4.


  • Emily eats a cracker, despite having stated that she never wants to eat a cracker again after the events of "Bad Moon Rising." However, she does state that it is very dry; it is possible that she eats the cracker merely to mock Michelle.
  • It is shown in a “Behind the scenes of Emily’s Office” video that the windows in Emily’s office can turn 360 degrees, meaning that Michelle and Emily could have easily climbed out of the office and into Studio 1 via the windows.

Production errors

  • When walking toward Kate, Emily walks behind the cubes, but is suddenly next to Michelle mere moments later.





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