It's just typical Tiffany right now — she's just digging for gossip like she always does.

Riley, "Forget You"

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Tiffany is the studio head of an unnamed studio.

Tiffany is a long-term member of A-Troupe until she is demoted to B-Troupe.[3] She eventually leaves The Next Step Dance Studio, becoming a tour assistant[4] and, later, a studio head.[5]


Before the show

Tiffany joined J-Troupe at The Next Step Dance Studio. She eventually moved up to A-Troupe where she became a member of E-Girls.[6]  

Season 1

Tiffany auditions for and makes it onto A-Troupe again.[7]

Despite her initial support to her fellow E-Girls, Tiffany votes for Michelle as dance captain as opposed to Emily,[8] causing her to lose her friendship with Stephanie and Emily.[9] Although, Tiffany regains Stephanie's friendship in encouraging her to audition for a television show.[10]

Tiffany is elated with her team wins Absolute Dance Regionals.[11]

Season 2

Tiffany is wary of the Challenge. She makes it past the first cut,[12] but struggles with the choreography in the subsequent round. Nonetheless, she helps Stephanie learn the choreography when she arrives to the studio late.[3] Tiffany struggles with the fouetté section of the dance, and ultimately does not make the team, devastating her.[3]

Tiffany grapples with being a member of B-Troupe and is set aback by Stephanie's seeming contentedness with the troupe. Tiffany decides that she can no longer stay at the studio, if it means she will be in such a troupe.[13]

Season 4

Tiffany spots Giselle and Amanda at the auditions for a world touring company she has become the assistant of.[4]

Season 5

Tiffany is a studio head at an unnamed studio.[5]


Tiffany is perky and bubbly, known well for her pallet for gossip. Tiffany enjoys being the centre of attention, deeming A-Troupe her change to be "Beyoncé on stage."[14]

Despite Tiffany's superficial impression, Tiffany has a prominent moral compass. Such is seen when Tiffany votes for Michelle over Emily as dance captain, despite Emily being one of her closest friends.[8] Nonetheless, Tiffany is very caring toward her friends, as seen through her helping Stephanie with her acting career. Tiffany is also extremely ambitious, which leads to her apprehension about being on B-Troupe.[13]

Physical appearance


Tiffany has a medium brown complexion and dark brown eyes. Her dark brown hair is relatively short and very curly.


Tiffany's dance wear is extremely bright in colour, usually consisting of yellow, pinks, and blues. Tiffany's street wear is initially just as bright, but becomes more subdued as she matures.



  • Acro: Tiffany can tumble.
  • Ballet: Tiffany can perform ballet, although there are conflicting accounts about her proficiency in the genre. She has problems performing fouettés during the choreography round of the Challenge,[3] but easily performs them in the show's title card for Season 1.
  • Hip-hop: Hip-hop is Tiffany's main and strongest style.


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