West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Season 1

This is my chance to be Beyonce on stage.

— "Get the Party Started"

The E-Girl rules are serious. There's over a hundred rules that you have to follow and abide at all times.

— "Everybody Dance Now"

The E-Girls can't let him have that much power.

— "Rock and a Hard Place"

I'm feeling a little caught in the middle. On one hand, there's Michelle who has this awesome routine and there's Emily who has one vote. I can see Emily's reign coming to an end so I wanna protect myself.

— "Sabotage"

I'm telling you — he likes you.

— to Riley, "Forget You"

That's love.

— "Forget You"

Season 2

I knew someone would be cut, but like, I didn't think it'd be us!

— to Stephanie, the Previously segment of "The Girl Is Mine"

I just wanna be on a team where people wanna be moving forward and improving.

— "Work It"

I wanna dance.

— to Stephanie, "Work It"

Well... no. I don't wanna leave, but like, honestly something has to change.

— to Stephanie, "Work It"

Honestly, at this point, I don't know if I can stay at The Next Step.

— "Work It"

Season 4

All right, ladies, next up we have... Giselle?! [...] Oh my God, it just had your initial, I had no idea it was you.

— "Stir It Up"