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"Time to Move On" is the 12th episode in Season 2 of The Next Step, and the 42nd episode overall. The episode aired on May 2, 2014.


Riley struggles to move on from James while still working on their duet.


James riley season 2 ytotiw

James and Riley struggle with their duet.

James and Riley are practicing their duet to "Heartbreaker," under the watchful eye of Kate. They're running through it horribly with little to no chemistry, and Kate is extremely worried. At the end of the disastrous dance, Riley storms away after pushing over the chair that was being used in the routine.

Emily hunter season 2 2

Emily watches Hunter in horror after spilling her drink on him.

It's Open Mic Night at Culture Shock and Thalia is performing improv, acting as her alter ego Gertrude; she asks for two "purdy" volunteers. Everyone laughs, especially Eldon, who states that she is talented. Riley talks to Emily about her problem with James, and Emily tells her to start thinking about someone else. Riley thinks she will probably never going to get over James, but she thanks Emily anyways. James walks into Culture Shock to meet Beth, who's wearing an "I'm With James" shirt. Beth says she got James his favourite juice, even though it's grape, and James hates grape juice. Beth asks James out on a date, and Riley overhears. It is at this time that Riley decides it is time to move on. Emily stands up to switch seats with Riley so that Riley doesn't have to watch James and Beth interact, and accidentally spills her juice on Hunter as he is passing by. Although Hunter tries to lighten the mood by joking about spaghetti, Emily is horrified. Emily hurriedly takes Hunter to the Costume Closet to find him a clean shirt. When they arrive at the closet and find a shirt for Hunter, Emily tells him not to let the door close, as there is no handle on the inside, but it is too late. He catches the shirt, leaving the door unsupported; it closes and they are both locked in the closet.

Emily hunter season 2 3

Emily and Hunter lie with their faces inches a part.

Riley and Amanda are scouting for a possible boyfriend for Riley (although Amanda admits that she is just putting on an act), when Stephanie and Michelle join them and decide that Charlie would be a good candidate for Riley, as he is cute, can play the guitar, and is cool like her. In the closet, Emily asks if Hunter has his phone, which he does. However, when Hunter takes his phone out, he finds that there are no bars on the screen. Emily points out that if she had her phone, she would have a full six bars although, according to Hunter, having six bars is impossible. Emily takes his phone to search for bars and stands on top of an old crate to try and get a signal, leaning on Hunter for support. Eventually, Emily leans too far on Hunter, and the two fall, landing with their faces inches apart. Hunter confesses that he thinks that they had a moment.

Emily and Hunter are still stuck in the closet. A song that Emily hates, but that Hunter loves, begins to play. Hunter asks Emily why she hates it, and she explains that whenever that song plays, something bad happens to her. She provides the example that when the song came onto the radio while she was driving once, a bird pooped on her right through her open car window. Hunter finds this ridiculous, as he believes that a bird pooping on someone is good luck as told to him by his grandmother. This leads Emily to inquire if his grandmother tells him that he's smart, to which he replies that she calls him daily to say such a thing. Hunter then confesses that Emily is abrasive, annoying, in-your-face, but that he still really likes her.


Michelle, Stephanie, and Amanda watch Riley attempt to flirt with Charlie.

Meanwhile, the girls convince Riley to talk to Charlie. She complains that she doesn't know how to flirt, and they respond by telling her to act like James, much to Riley's distress. She tries to, and it goes horribly. Despite this, Charlie asks Riley out just as James walks in; James is surprised that she has moved on so quickly. After James leaves, Riley tells Charlie that she is unable to go as she has to practice her duet.

Hunter tells Emily a story about a white shark that "bit off his arm" in a fake Australian accent. Emily admits that despite its ridiculousness, the story is funny. It is revealed that the two have been in the closet for hours, but Hunter confesses that he still wants to entertain her.

Beth james season 2 4

James kisses Beth on their date.

Later, Riley is in Studio A waiting for James so that they can practice their duet. Although, it turns out that James is on a date with Beth. He admits that Beth is making him laugh through all of the current drama and after the two play with their French fries, he eventually kisses her. Meanwhile, Riley realizes that she needs to get over James and calls Charlie to ask if they can still have their date.

Emily asks Hunter about Michelle, and Hunter asks Emily about Eldon. When Emily voices the belief that she is the reason Eldon broke up with her, Hunter assures Emily that her break-up with Eldon can't be her fault because she's cool. They then begin to dress up and dance to that blasted song. Meanwhile, Michelle is about to go home when she gets a text from Hunter saying that he is stuck in the closet with Emily. She finds them in the closet, dancing. Michelle gets them out, and Hunter hugs Michelle. Emily leaves the two to their embrace, confessing that she can't stop thinking about Hunter.

Riley and Charlie are on their date and Riley admits that he is not all "there," and that he is like the male version of Beth. Riley says that rather than the date taking her mind off James, it is only making her miss him more.


  • Thalia has an alter-ego named Gertrude.
  • James's voicemail greeting is "You know who it is, you know what to do."
  • Emily may have feelings for Hunter.
  • Riley has gone on a date with Charlie, and James has gone on a date with Beth.



  • When first trapped in the Costume Closet, Emily explains that she and Hunter are locked in because there is no handle on their side although, when Michelle rescues them, Michelle explains that they were locked in because the key was still in the keyhole.
  • It is mentioned multiple times that Hunter's phone has no signal, making it implausible for Michelle to have received a text from him.

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Cultural References

  • The title of this episode refers to a song of the same name by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.
  • The song that Hunter plays on his phone while trapped with Emily in the Costume Closet largely resembles Macarena.





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