Did you know you can't text yourself?

Beth, to Stephanie

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"Today I'm Getting Over You" is the 20th episode in Season 3 of The Next Step and the 84th episode overall. It aired on October 9, 2015.


A-Troupe pairs up with B-Troupe to do duets.


Beth stephanie season 3 t

It is announced that Beth and Stephanie will be parteners.

Stephanie enters Studio A where Phoebe, Cierra, Jake, Beth, Richelle, and Noah are waiting. Phoebe says that due to Max and Richelle's win at their duet competition, she has been inspired to have members of A-Troupe and B-Troupe do duets together so that B-Troupe—the next generation of dancers—can work towards improvement. Cierra is paired with Jake, Richelle is paired with Noah, and Beth is paired with Stephanie. While Cierra is content with the placement, both Richelle and Stephanie are not.

Stephanie asks Giselle if she can convince Phoebe to change her partner since she is Dance Captain. Giselle says that she won't and, instead, encourages Stephanie to make the most of the situation. Meanwhile, Richelle begs Phoebe to give her a different partner and Phoebe refuses because, as said in Talking Heads, she sees the way Richelle looks at Noah and knows that the two have chemistry.

Eldon enters Hidalgo's where Skylar is waiting for Cierra to finish practice. Eldon orders his lucky drink consisting of: cow milk, rice milk, goat milk, almond milk, coconut milk, and soy milk. Skylar finds it extremely odd and Eldon explains to her that since Internationals is approaching, he must become as lucky as possible. He mentions that he has other lucky items: a lucky shirt, a lucky orange and a lucky 1984 quarter. Eldon tries to locate his coin and, with horror, realizes that it has gone missing. He asks the cashier to empty the cash register of all of its quarters, and when his lucky coin is not present in the selection, he asks everyone in Hidalgo's to empty their pockets but still doesn't find it.

Beth stephanie season 3 t2

Stephanie walks into studio A where Beth attempts to text herself.

Stephanie enters Studio A to find Beth lying on the floor, attempting to text herself. Stephanie tells her that they need to rehearse and although Beth agrees, she instantly goes off-topic and asks Stephanie is she's seen the new emerald green nail polish. Despite herself, Stephanie falls into Beth's trap, and agrees to get manicure-pedicures with Beth.

Richelle spots Noah and tells him how ridiculous she thinks their partnership is, as it is impossible that he could teach her anything. At this, they propose a bet: if he teaches Richelle something, she must admit that she was wrong, and if not, he has to buy her dinner.

Skylar enters the Music Room where Cierra and Jake are practicing. Skylar tells Cierra that she wishes to leave, but since Cierra has to stay and rehearse, their mom will be unable to pick them up until a whole hour later. Despite not protesting, Skylar is frustrated that she always has to wait for Cierra.

Giselle asks Stephanie how rehearsal was and Stephanie tells her the truth. Now realizing the severity of the situation, Giselle proposes that she be in the studio while the two rehearse to ensure that they stay on track.

Eldon is still looking for his lucky coin. He pays the cashier at the counter of Hidalgo's a $50 bill in return for the store's tip jar which he begins to search in the hopes that he will find his quarter. Just then, Cierra enters Hidalgo's. Skylar is angry, as Cierra is still in her dance clothes. When Cierra admits that she still has to stay to perform her duet, Skylar snaps and expresses that rather than making sacrifices for dance, she is making sacrifices for Cierra.

Riley james season 3 t

Riley and James watch Noah and Richelle dance.

Noah and Richelle trick off and dance in Studio A and James and Riley walk in on them. James and Riley are astounded by the former J-Troupers' calibre. James and Riley leave, and Richelle and Noah continue dancing. Suddenly, Noah begins blowing raspberries, deeply irritating Richelle.

Under the watch of Giselle, Stephanie and Beth try to practice their duet. During the routine, Beth gets distracted by Stephanie's shirt and convinces Stephanie to go shopping with her so that she can get an identical one. As they are about to do so, Giselle stops them and pulls Stephanie aside to remind her how important dance is. Stephanie realizes that Giselle is right and tells Beth that they cannot go shopping since she needs to practice if she wishes to go to Internationals. Beth happily obliges.

Cierra and Jake perform a great duet to Phoebe. After they finish, Cierra leaves to find Skylar. Meanwhile, in Hidalgo's, Eldon is playing the harmonica in the hopes that whoever stole his coin will give it back. Ella watches and feels bad that he lost something that meant so much to him. Cierra enters and asks Eldon where Skylar is; he reveals that she went to a baseball game, meaning that she got picked up by their mom. Cierra is left in disbelief and wonders how she will get home. In the Music Room, Beth and Stephanie are performing their duet to Phoebe at which Phoebe is blown away.

Richelle and Noah are in Hidalgo's. Noah is eating a sandwich quite messily and is getting it all over his face. In addition, he is chewing with his mouth wide open (due to a sinus problem). Richelle is disgusted.

Noah richelle season 2 tigoy

Noah lifts Richelle.

Richelle and Noah perform their duet which Phoebe is very enthusiastic about. Noah tells Richelle that he'll buy her dinner since she won the bet. Richelle insists that she lost, since he taught her how to do an aerial, but Noah is confused as he could have sworn that she already knew how to do one. Richelle confesses that Noah actually taught her that she no longer likes him.

The following day, Cierra confronts Skylar who reveals that from now on she will get picked up by their mom when she is done and that if Cierra's practice runs longer, she will have to take the bus. Cierra is incredulous since the commute is an hour longer than a car ride.

Eldon is practicing his pirouettes, the number of which have been decreasing since he lost his lucky coin. Ella enters and gives him her lucky pound, worth eight times more than a quarter. Eldon is thankful, believing that he will now have eight times more luck.

Michelle, Giselle, Riley, and James are conversing about how much the caliber of dance at the studio has gone up and the dancers sadly realize that they'll eventually have to be replaced. Riley confesses that after Internationals, they're going to have to make some pretty big decisions.


  • Internationals is in two weeks time.
  • Eldon has a lucky drink, a lucky shirt, and a lucky orange.
  • Noah blows raspberries when he is concentrating.
  • Noah cannot chew with his mouth closed due to a sinus problem.
  • Richelle no longer has feelings for Noah.
  • Eldon had a lucky 1984 quarter, but now has a lucky British pound.


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  • The title of this episode refers to a song by Carly Rae Jepsen.





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