This article is about the version that is originally from The Next Step. You may be looking for the version that is originally from Lost & Found Music Studios. You can find the disambiguation page here.

"Tonight We Won't Come Down" is a song that is heard in Season 4 of The Next Step. It is most notably used for Henry and Sloane's 1980s themed dance for Cassie's history project.[1]


Hey, child, this is hot
Let's get outside, show 'em what we got
Like a one-two-step that never stops
Yeah, we can rock the rhythm of the heartbeat

Hey, world
Check it out
Don't let 'em tell you
What it's all about
'Cause it's all your dreams
All your life
And all your style that shines in the limelight

Hey, now, I'm not tired so I'm not gonna
Slow down
I'm too free and I'm too young to
Hold it, close these wide, wild eyes

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