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"Turn, Turn, Turn" is the 28th episode in Season 3 of The Next Step and the 92nd episode overall. It aired on November 27, 2015.


Eldon competes in a turning competition to determine how much time his team will have to reconstruct their quarter-finals routine to completely new music.


Kate reveals in Talking Heads that the next round is a five person dance, known as the "music mystery" round because the teams cannot use their own music, but instead must use a song that the Internationals board picks. Eldon is anxious about participating in the preliminary turning competition which determines how much time their five person group will have to practice the dance to the new music; the team of the last person turning has the most time to practice to the new song and restructure their dance. James, realizing that Eldon needs to be motivated, proposes that if Eldon wins the competition that he can finally date Thalia. Eldon, newly encouraged, takes off his jacket (which James takes and throws, only to be caught by Thalia) and prepares to spin. Bartek approaches him and utters something in Polish, which his coach translates as: "This is the almost boyfriend," irritating Eldon. Then, Thalia approaches Eldon and tells him that if he wins the competition, he wins her, and asserts that she knows he will win because she believes in him. When she concludes, an Internationals employee asks all turners to take their places.


Eldon and a Jamaican dancer are left spinning.

Giselle, James, West, Riley, and Max are discussing what to do with their dance, and not being able to come to a consensus, Max expresses his hope that Eldon wins the competition. Meanwhile, the turning competition commences. Thalia explains in Talking Heads that every team has picked their best turner to compete and that the team of the first person to stop spinning will step onto the stage first without having ever heard the music. As Eldon spins, he confesses that it doesn't matter what kind of spin is done, the only rules are that you cannot switch feet and that two feet cannot be on the ground. Seconds later, the turner from Cape Town Royal Dance Company falls, meaning that her team will be the unlucky group that goes on the stage without having ever heard the song. Thalia texts Riley of the news and she forwards the information to the others in her group. Then, the dancer from Accademia Toscana di Danza drops out, followed by Germany after trying to do a fancy turn, and Stockholm Dansteater, which shocks Ashley Leggat and Chuck Anderson. It is down to the final four until the turner from Summerford School of Dance falls out, leaving only Bartek, Eldon, and a female dancer from Kingston Dance Central. Thalia forwards this to Riley. Bartek then falls out, leaving Eldon and the Jamaican dancer. After some time, the Jamaican dancer grows tired and stops turning, making Eldon the winner. The Next Step celebrates and Thalia runs into Eldon's arms with Eldon confessing that nothing else matters but her. As the rest of the group withdraws, Thalia and Eldon embrace once more after realizing that they are now dating.

Michelle west giselle season 3

Michelle warns the dancers that their routine has to be tight.

South Africa's five person group is on the stage, performing a disastrous routine. As they "dance" Michelle and members from the other teams record the song so that they can bring it to their own groups. South Africa finishes their routine to a bout of piteous applause and the dancers who were recording the dance rush to give the song to their teams. Michelle brings the song to the dancers who discover that the song actually works with the dance. Nonetheless, Michelle warns them that since the first team was messy, they have to make sure their dance is tight. Back on-stage, Italy easily moves on to the next round of the competition.

Sweden five

Sweden performs their routine.

Sweden is on-stage, performing their routine so well that is seems as though the song was their original. How exceptional the dance is makes Michelle, who is watching, nervous. Sweden beats Germany and moves on in the competition. England takes the stage next and performs a rather mediocre dance. Wojdan Dance Academy takes the stage; their performance is slightly better than England's, although England's five point advantage still manages to work against Poland, and England moves on. Ella confesses that since the five point advantage was used, it cannot be used again for the semi-finals. Simultaneously, Thalia and Eldon are walking back-stage, hand-in-hand. Suddenly, the Polish team rushes in between them, and Bartek reveals to Thalia that they were beat out by England. Thalia and Bartek bid farewell to each other, and Bartek asks if Eldon is still her "almost" boyfriend. When Thalia reveals that Eldon is now her boyfriend, Bartek affectionately hugs Eldon and pulls his cheeks before leaving. Thalia loops her arm around Eldon and tells him that she'll miss Bartek, but Eldon, returning the gesture, tells her that she won't since she has him now. Kate enters the Orange Blossom Room and tells the five dancers that Jamaica has taken the stage and that they have to get ready. Riley fears that they are under-prepared.

Riley season 3 ttt

Riley thinks about Ella's words.

The five person group from Jamaica is performing extremely well and onlookers Amanda and Michelle hope that The Next Step's dance is enough to beat them. West, Giselle, James, Riley, and Max enter the wings in costume, ready to perform. Jamaica finishes, and The Next Step takes the stage. They dance amazingly, garnering a standing ovation and a victory, moving them onto the semi-finals. The studio celebrates, realizing that they actually have a shot at winning the entire thing. Thalia tells Eldon that because of him the team won, and the two kiss. Ella congratulates Riley, but Riley retorts that she doesn't have time for her. Ella tells Riley that she'll have to make time, because their teams will be going head-to-head in the next round.




  • It is said that Eldon is the best turner on the team, although Noah has been shown to be better in "Cry Me a River."
  • In "Blind" Giselle tells Eldon that if they want to get to the next round, Eldon needs to do as many pirouettes as he can muster, although any turns are valid in the turning competition.

Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song entitled "Turn! Turn! Turn!" by The Byrds, although stylised with commas rather than exclamation marks.






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