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I may not have been Amy's first choice, but I'm not gonna act like I'm her second.


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"Twinkle Toes" is the 10th episode in Season 6 of The Next Step and the 164th episode overall. It aired on October 21, 2018.


Prom night at TNS ignites new flames, old rivalries, and a whole lot of dancing.[1]


People finish decorating Studio 1. Ty gives Amy a corsage and, while assuring him that she likes it, confesses that she imagined this moment with Henry.

Noah, Jacquie, Piper, Finn, Ozzy, Michelle, Emily, Richelle, Elliot, Henry, and Summer arrive.

Michelle and Emily unsuccessfuly try to recommend records to Eldon, who has been hired as the DJ due to nobody else being available. Although Eldon assures Emily and Michelle that he is really good at DJ-ing, Emily remains unconvinced.

Winnie sees Ozzy dancing amongst a group of boys and cha-chas over, bumps into him. Ozzy admits that Winnie is sweet, but odd. As Jacquie joins Noah near the prom photographer, she vents to him about Richelle wearing the same dress, which Noah admits is a disaster. As Noah attempts to console Jacquie by assuring her she looks amazing, Richelle and Elliot vote for Prom King and Prom Queen. Jacquie confronts Richelle, both having assumed that they wouldn't need to return the dress as the other would be doing so, and drags her into the locker room to discuss their scenario.

Emily walks into Studio 1's office to see how J-Troupe is doing with refreshment duty. She asks Presley how she is enjoying prom and Presley admits that it isn't what she expected. Emily tells Presley that this a lesson in being more specific and mockingly points out that Presley wanted to go to prom, and she is in attendance. Another J-Trouper approaches Presley and corroborates this lesson.

Piper enters the office to get refreshments. Shortly after, Finn enters and asks Piper if she would like to dance. Piper tells Finn that she only does choreographed dancing, to which Finn show Piper the "bus driver" move. Piper is unimpressed, confessing that Finn's moves are akin to her Uncle Arthur's -- not good. Undeterred, Finn performs the "big fish, little fish, cardboard box." Piper tells Finn she has one for him, called "Later, Finn" and leaves. Richelle and Jacquie sit in the locker room with their backs to each other. Both parties demand that the other change her dress. Eventually, both notice the excess prom decorations and come up with a makeshift solution.

Emily and Michelle pose for prom photos. After two photos are taken, Elliot expresses how nice it is to see them, although Emily and Michelle are unable to reciprocate the sentiment genuinely. Elliot gloats about how being away from The Next Step allowed him to be in a critically-acclaimed musical and derides the role of studio head. Michelle and Emily fail to understand why Richelle is dating him.

Eldon, having been asked to look after Piper by James, calls Finn over. Eldon introduces himself to Finn and warns him that he's keeping his eye on him.

Henry approaches Amy, wanting to clear the air. However, before they can get past pleasantries, Ty interrupts and steals Amy for a dance. Henry wishes he was the one dancing with Amy.

Noah enters Studio 1's office and asks when the J-Troupers get a break and Presley responds that they don't. Noah assures the J-Troupers that he'll deal with Emily and encourages them to go dance. Emily catches wind of what's happening, but comes around to the J-Troupers being allowed to have fun. Eventually, A-Troupers, B-Troupers, and J-Troupers are all dancing on the floor. Henry dances with Summer, with gratifies her.

Richelle and Jacquie re-enter Studio 1 with their new dresses. Elliot and Richelle share a dance.

Finn sits down next to Piper, finally having given up wanting to dance with Piper. Piper admits that she might have been a little hard on Finn and allows herself to do the "bus driver" and the "big fish, little fish, cardboard box" with him. Eldon, witnessing this, notices how happy Piper looks. Piper and Finn then properly dance on the floor.

While Elliot and Richelle are dancing, Elliot's phone rings and he answers it. He reveals that the actor got sick, meaning that it's his job to step in as the understudy. Although Richelle encourages him to go, which he does. Ozzy overhears this and leaves Winnie to talk to Richelle. Ozzy asks her to dance and she accepts. Winnie observes this enviously.

Eldon turns off the music upon Emily's request and she and Michelle announce who has won the title of Prom King and Queen - Henry and Summer respectively. Richelle and Jacquie are disappointed at not winning the title, and Amy is crushed to see Henry with Summer and leaves for a moment with herself.

Amy sits alone in the locker room, reflecting on how it's her fault that the guy she likes is dancing with another girl. Ty arrives and offers to take Amy home after she lies that she has a leg cramp. Amy assures Ty that she'll be back out in a minute, realizing that it's her job to have fun.

As Richelle and Ozzy dance together to a romantic song, Richelle admits that she's been feeling Winnie's eyes on her ever since she and Ozzy started dancing. Richelle takes Winnie over to Ozzy and asks if she would like to cut in, knowing she has a crush on him. Winnie happily accepts.

Michelle asks Emily if she wants to dance, which Emily accepts. Eldon eventually approaches and all three dance together. Feeling nostalgic, Eldon asks Emily and Michelle if they remember when he used to date both of them, causing the two to gently push him away.

Amy re-enters the studio and dances with Ty. As Ty and Amy dance together, Amy and Henry look at each other. Ty confesses that while he may not have been Amy's first choice, he isn't going to act like her second.

After Jacquie asks Noah who wore the dress better, Noah assures Jacquie that she did and agrees when she jokes that she has a future in fashion. Jacquie admits that Noah always knows what to say.

Henry leaves Summer and asks Ty if he can dance with Amy, which Ty allows. Henry and Amy silently dance together, savouring the "perfect" moment. Summer confesses that she was hoping to have another dance with Henry.

The music changes to being an upbeat song. Everyone takes to the floor and dances, while reflecting on the night.


  • This episode became available on BBC iPlayer on August 13, 2018, one week prior to its scheduled release on CBBC.
  • Michelle and Emily go to prom together.
  • Henry and Summer go to prom together.
  • Eldon has become a DJ, named "Electric Eldon".
  • Elliot and Noah are on good terms.
  • This is the first episode of The Next Step not to be aired in a linear chronological order, using the non-traditional story narrative.


Cultural References

  • The title of this episode alludes to the nickname that Ty calls Amy.




  • Alexandre Deakin as Ty
  • Brandon Lising as J-Troupe dancer
  • Brigitte Turnbull as AcroNation dancer
  • Emily Grady as AcroNation dancer
  • Emily Roman as Presley
  • Ewan Hartman as Mackenzie
  • Isaac Lupien as Eldon
  • Jahzara Aaliyah as J-Troupe dancer
  • Julia Miller as AcroNation dancer
  • Julian Elia as Elliot
  • Kennedy Johnston as AcroNation dancer
  • Kylie Haasz as J-Troupe dancer
  • Madi Langdon as Winnie
  • Nathaniel Belnavis-Wright as Adrian
  • Sarah Parlatore as AcroNation dancer
  • Zofia Kasprzyk as AcroNation dancer


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