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I may not have been Amy's first choice, but I'm not gonna act like I'm her second.


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"Twinkle Toes" is the 10th episode in Season 6 of The Next Step and the 164th episode overall. It aired on October 21, 2018.


Prom night at TNS ignites new flames, old rivalries, and a whole lot of dancing.[1]


The prom-goers dance to Dance 'til Dawn as Amy sits alone in the locker room and reflects that she has made "so many mistakes" that night, and that she wishes she could do it all again.

Chronologically, the episode begins with Amy standing in Studio 1 as various other members of what appear to be B-Troupe and J-Troupe finish putting the touches decoration to Studio 1. Ty approaches and offers her a corsage, worried that he hasn't got the right one, but Amy assures him she loves it. Amy confesses that she imagined this moment with Henry.

Noah and Jacquie arrive excited to dance, and Jacquie confesses that she and Noah look amazing. Piper, Finn and Ozzy are next to arrive. Finn says to Piper that it's almost like they came as dates, which she refutes. Michelle and Emily comment how good the studio looks as they arrive and Michelle admits that it only felt right for her date to be Emily, although prom is for the dancers. Richelle and Elliot enter the studio, Richelle admires the decorations as Elliot gives the prom a backhanded compliment. Richelle admits she is very excited to show off her dress with Elliot. Summer and Henry admire the studio as they enter together, which Piper points out to Amy. Summer confesses she asked Henry to prom because he was feeling down.

Michelle and Emily are unsuccessfuly trying to recommend records to Eldon who has been hired as the DJ. Michelle confesses the prom is so much fun, and that they're happy to have Eldon back. Eldon assures Emily and Michelle that he is really good at DJ-ing, admitting that he jumped at the chance to be DJ for the prom as DJ is his side business when he's not choreogaphing. Emily remains unconvinced and confesses that Eldon is DJ because she didn't want to fight Michelle on her suggestion, and Eldon was the only one available.

Winnie sees Ozzy dancing amongst a group of boys and cha-chas over, knocking into him. She pretends she didn't expect to see him. Ozzy admits Winnie is sweet but says a lot of funny things. As Jacquie joins Noah by the prom photographer, she vents to him that Richelle is wearing the same dress, Noah admits this is a disaster. As Noah attempts to console Jacquie by assuring her she looks amazing, Richelle and Elliot vote for Prom King and Prom Queen, Elliot assures Richelle she has his vote "forever and always". Jacquie confronts Richelle, both having assumed that they wouldn't need to return the dress as the other would be doing so, and drags her into the locker room to talk about their "dress mess". Elliot and Noah watch both of their dates storm off. Noah notices that Elliot has the same tie. The two tap cups and smile before walking away in opposite directions.

Emily walks into the office in Studio 1 to see how J-Troupe is doing with refreshment duty. She asks Presley how she is enjoying prom. Presley tells Emily this isn't exactly what she expected when Emily told J-Troupe that they could go to prom. Emily replies that a lot of life-lessons are learned at The Next Step, furthermore, this is lesson one: be specific. She mockingly points out that Presley wanted to go to prom, and she is in attendance. Another J-Trouper approaches Presley, thanking her and enthuses that she's loving prom. Frustrated, Presley replies they're serving drinks. The J-Trouper tells Presley she's just glad to be there, but next time, to be more specific. Presley admits the lesson is learned.

While the J-Troupers are talking, Piper enters the office to get refreshments. Shortly after, Finn enters and asks Piper if she would like to dance. Piper tells Finn she doesn't dance, to which he points out that she is a dancer. She replies that she only does choreograph dancing, and confesses that it's a common misconception that all competitive dancers can party dance: just because a person can do one, it does not mean that they can do the other. Finn tells Piper he has some choreography for her and shows her the "bus driver" dance move. Piper says that's not for her, and confesses that Finn's dance moves are like her Uncle Arthur's - not good. Undeterred, Finn dances the "big fish, little fish, cardboard box". Piper tells Finn she has one for him, and hands him her plate of food. She says it's called the "Later, Finn", and then proceeds to tell him just that, waving goodbye and manouvering out of the room. Finn laughs to himself and says the move was "actually pretty good". He admits that Piper can try to avoid him, but he's going to get her to dance with him tonight.

Richelle and Jacquie are sat, backs to each other, on different benches in the locker room. Richelle confesses they need to figure something out, and Jacquie admits that they can't go to prom looking the same - she can't be "twins" with Richelle. Still not facing each other, Richelle demands that Jacquie changes her dress. Jacquie demands that Richelle change her dress, as she is the one that double-crossed her. Richelle replies that she doesn't have another dress to change into, which Jacquie resounds. Richelle demands to know what Jacquie plans to do about the situation, which Jacquie stands up and demands of Richelle in return. As they both catch the excess prom decorations out of the corner of their eyes, Richelle confesses that she's figured out a solution for Jacquie and herself to get out of their "dress mess". Richelle shouts to Jacquie asking her if she's thinking what Richelle is, Jacquie shouts back that she's pretty sure she is. They nervously hug a small bag of prom decorations to themselves. Jacquie admits that she's always said Richelle's crafty. Richelle admits she's ready to "get stitchin'".

Emily and Michelle pose for prom photos as Emily recounts what she told Presley. Michelle enthusiastically responds with "preach". After two photos are taken, Elliot approaches them telling them it is "so nice" to see them. Emily sarcastically says that their night just got so much better, and confesses that she thought they'd already "got rid" of Elliot. He tells them that kicking him out of The Next Step was the best thing that could have ever happened, as he is now in a critically acclaimed musical. Michelle patronisingly responds that Richelle told them, that he's the understudy role. Elliot responds he's glad not to have wasted his time at The Next Step, mockingly asking what he would have become - a studio head? Michelle confesses she doesn't know why Richelle is dating him. Emily and Michelle walk away as Emily tells him to let them know when his name is on the marquee, which Michelle comments is a "good one". Elliot has his photograph taken as Emily admits that somebody is going to have to sit down with Richelle and talk to her about her taste in boyfriends.

Eldon calls Finn over to the DJ deck. Eldon admits that James asked him to come and look after Piper, and to look out for Finn because he keeps asking Piper out. Eldon asks Finn if he knows who he is, to which Finn points behind Eldon to his "Electric Eldon" poster and says he does. Eldon confesses that he became Electric Eldon when he shocked himself plugging in his turntables. Eldon introduces himself to Finn and tells him he's there to look after Piper on James' behalf. Finn asks Eldon if he knows who he is, to which Eldon responds he's the guy who asked Piper to prom, and tells him that he knows what he's up to and that he's going to keep his eye on him. Eldon tells Finn to go have fun, not too much, just a little bit.

Amy watches everyone and reflects that it's nice to see everyone enjoying it, herself included, but that it could be better. Henry approaches Amy, admitting that it's time to clear the air and he's tired of all the awkwardness. He confesses that he wants his once-great friendship with Amy back, and compliments her appearance. She responds in kind. Amy confesses that there's so many things she wants to say to him and that she doesn't know where to begin. Ty interrupts them as they begin talking, asking Henry if he minds if he steals Amy for a dance. Henry looks between Amy and Ty, and says "by all means". Ty asks Henry if he would mind holding their cups while he dances with Amy, to which Henry replies "alright", unsure, but takes them. As Henry is standing there he wonders why it isn't himself and Amy dancing together.

Noah enters the Studio 1 office and asks when the J-Troupers get a break. Presley responds with never, as Emily is teaching them a lesson. Noah admits that Emily putting the J-Troupers to work is typical. He tells the J-Troupers the punchbowl can spare them, but one J-Trouper replies that Emily wouldn't like it. Noah assures them he'll deal with Emily and encourages all the J-Troupers on to the dance floor. Emily watches them run past her and asks Noah what's going on. He replies that it's time to have some fun, to which Emily incredulously asks, with J-Troupe? Noah replies in the affirmative and pulls Emily back on to the dancefloor as the J-Troupers start to dance. Emily admits she was in J-Troupe once and the J-Troupers have paid their dues, and can have "this one dance". Presley confesses that it feels great to finally be able to party with everyone else. The A- and B-Troupers cheer on the J-Troupers. Henry comments that one of the J-Troupers is killing it, and begins dancing with him. The A- and B-Troupers rejoin the dance and all three troupes dance together. Noah admits that it's great to blow off some steam with the team. Presley confesses that Noah's the best. Henry pulls Summer into the dance as he feels she should show her moves too. Summer admits she's glad Henry changed his mind about prom, they're having such a great time.

Richelle and Jacquie re-enter Studio 1 and compliment each other on their dresses, each confessing that their own looks better. Michelle notices their new dress designs and compliments them both. Richelle stands behind Elliot as he attempts to tell Finn why he is the understudy in the critically acclaimed musical he's been casted in. Finn confesses that from what he's heard of Elliot, if Elliot was his understudy, he would watch his back. Elliot notices Richelle and they smile at each other. Elliot asks her what's up and she says that she feels like she hasn't seen him at all and he suggests they dance, which they do. Richelle admits that she's so glad to finally spend time with Elliot as they barely get to spend time together, and that she's hoping for a fun night.

Finn sits down next to Piper, who asks what he's doing. Finn responds that Piper said she wasn't going to dance, so he's not dancing with her. Piper smiles in relief. Finn also says that he did teach her some "pretty sick moves" earlier on, like the "bus driver" which he stands up and dances. Piper admits that she might have been a little hard on Finn, one dance can't hurt. They dance the "bus driver" move together as Eldon looks on and smiles. Eldon admits that Finn isn't him, but he doesn't seem "so bad", and that he's never seen Piper "this happy". As Piper and Finn finish dancing the "big fish, little fish, cardboard box", Finn comments that they can sit down. Piper assures him that "it's fine" as she's already on the dancefloor. Piper and Finn dance together as she confesses that dancing with him isn't that bad, there are worse things. Eldon nods as he watches them dance.

Elliot and Richelle are having a good time dancing together when his phone goes off, he takes out his phone with one hand, holding Richelle's with the other. After reading the text he tells Richelle it's his moment, the actor finally got sick and he has to go in. Richelle happily encourages him to go, and asks if he would like her to come with him. Elliot turns down the offer, telling her that this is her prom and he wants her to enjoy it. She tells him good luck and they hug. Ozzy overhears the exchange and confesses that he thinks Elliot is so rude, asking who ditches their date at prom, admitting that Elliot's loss is his opportunity. Ozzy walks away from Winnie as Richelle and Elliot finish saying goodbye. Ozzy approaches Richelle, sarcastically asking her that Elliot just ditched her "like that". Richelle responds that Elliot is a lead in a critically acclaimed musical. Ozzy replies that he has no idea and asks if she'd care to dance. Richelle replies why not, and admits that proms are all about making dreams come true and that she could "at least do this" for Ozzy. Ozzy and Richelle dance together as Winnie looks on, confessing that she is "super jealous" to see Ozzy and Richelle dancing together, as she hasn't had a chance to dance with him yet, but admits that Richelle can have this dance as she's in it for "the long game".

Emily requests Eldon to turn off the music, which he fumbles, but does - the Prom King crown slipping down on his head. Emily addresses the dancers, saying that she and Michelle hope they are having an amazing time at this year's prom. She says that the time has come for "one of the most important" parts of the night. Michelle tells them that it's time to announce the Prom King and Queen. Henry tells Amy that after everything tonight, that she really deserves to be Prom Queen. Michelle begins to announce Prom King, but is cut off by Emily, who reads the result over Michelle's shoulder. Henry happily walks forward when his name is called as people cheer him, he confesses that if Amy is Prom Queen, they will get to share a dance and clear everything up. Michelle begins to announce the Prom Queen (Summer) but gets cut off by Emily half-way through her name. The dancers applaud Summer as Richelle and Jacquie exchange disappointed glances. Amy appears crushed as Summer walks forward. As Emily introduces the Prom King and Prom Queen together, Amy admits that she doesn't mind that Summer is Prom Queen, but confesses that she did have a perfect idea of prom in her head which the night hasn't lived up to. Amy admits that she needs a moment to herself.

Resuming from the beginning of the episode, Amy sits alone in the locker room, reflecting on how the guy she likes is dancing with another girl, and that it's all her fault. Ty knocks on the door and asks if she's feeling okay. Amy replies that she just needed a minute as she had a really bad leg cramp. Ty offers to take her home if that's what she wants. Amy confesses that Ty is a great guy and that she's been ignoring him all night. She wonders why she is even thinking of going home. Amy tells Ty that his offer is really sweet but she'll be back out in a minute, and that she'll see him "out there". She confesses that she has put more work into this prom than anyone, and she is done wasting time in the locker room. Amy admits that she's going to have some fun.

As Richelle and Ozzy dance together to a romantic song, Richelle admits that she's been feeling Winnie's eyes on her ever since she and Ozzy started dancing. Richelle asks Ozzy for a second and approaches Winnie, as Ozzy admits that he has no idea what's going on. Richelle takes Winnie over to Ozzy and asks if she would like to cut in. Richelle confesses that she knows that Winnie has a little crush on Ozzy and so she's going to do a little something to help her out. Winnie happily accepts, confessing that she's thrilled to be dancing with Ozzy - even if Richelle had to help a little. Ozzy admits that everyone wants to dance with "the Ozz" and that he gets it. Winnie confesses that the night is "perfect".

Michelle looks at the other dancers and then to Emily, who's moving from side-to-side. Michelle asks Emily if she wants to dance, to which Emily replies that she'd love to. The two move into a dance-hold and walk out on to the dance floor. Emily announces that she's leading to which Michelle replies that she knows. They start talking as they're dancing, and are enjoying themselves. Eldon reaches between them to loosely grab hold of their joined hands, causing their hold on each other to loosen, and to rest their other hands on Eldon who happily greets them. Emily and Michelle greet him while exchanging incredulous glances. All three dance together. Eldon confesses that dancing with Michelle and Emily just feels like old times. Michelle asks Eldon who's playing the music, to which Eldon replies that he is. He explains the music is a playlist off of his phone. The three stop dancing as Emily asks him what they're paying him for. Eldon responds with, basically nothing - telling them it's actually really great, and begins moving again. Michelle and Emily reluctantly resume dancing with him, looking away from him. Emily admits that she could create an amazing playlist, and to let her do it. Feeling nostalgic, Eldon asks Emily and Michelle if they remember when he used to date both of them. The two exchange glances, respond in the affirmative and gently push him away. As Michelle and Emily happily resume dancing with just each other, Emily asks what they were thinking. Eldon nods and backs away.

Amy re-enters the studio and Ty tells her he's glad she's back. He asks her if she wants to dance, to which she replies that she would love to. As Ty and Amy dance together, while Amy and Henry look at each other, Ty confesses that while he may not have been Amy's first choice, he isn't going to act like her second. Amy looks back to Ty and the two smile at each other as they dance.

Jacquie asks Noah who wore the dress better, to which Noah replies that there's no comparison and Jacquie looks absolutely stunning. She thanks him and suggests that she might have a future in fashion. He responds that he thinks she does. Jacquie admits that Noah always knows what to say, jokingly confessing that he's right but that he does always know what to say.

Henry admits that it's coming to the end of the night and that if he doesn't talk to Amy, he doesn't know when he'll have the chance. He asks Summer if she minds if he leaves, and she agrees. He walks over to Amy and Ty and asks Ty if he minds that he cuts in. Ty agrees to let him and Amy and Henry dance together. While dancing, Henry asks Amy if he's thanked her "for all this". She replies that she hasn't been keeping count as she knows he would do the same for her. He agrees. Henry confesses that they don't need to talk about anything - everything's perfect. Amy admits that she and Henry finally get their chance to dance together and she couldn't be more happy. Summer confesses that she was kind of hoping to have another dance with Henry - but that's okay.

The music changes from being romantic to being an upbeat song. Ozzy admits it's the end of the night and he wants everyone to leave on a high note. Michelle, Emily, A-Troupe, B-Troupe, J-Troupe and Eldon all dance together. Michelle confesses that it's great to be at prom with all the troupes because The Next Step really is one big family. Jacquie admits that she loves her dress and couldn't ask for anything better. Richelle confesses that even though she is at prom alone, she's having a great time although she does wish Elliot is there with her. Finn admits that he knew Piper had moves in her. Ty confesses that he knows Amy likes Henry but also that there's chemistry between Amy and himself and he's not prepared to give up. Amy admits that she and Henry have a lot to work out but she wouldn't change this night for anything - it started out bad but it turned out pretty great. Amy confesses that she doesn't know what the future has in store - she guesses she'll have to wait and see.


  • This episode became available on BBC iPlayer on August 13, 2018, one week prior to its scheduled release on CBBC.
  • Michelle and Emily go to prom together.
  • Henry and Summer go to prom together.
  • Eldon has become a DJ, named "Electric Eldon".
  • Elliot and Noah are on good terms.
  • This is the first episode of The Next Step not to be aired in a linear chronological order, using the non-traditional story narrative


Cultural References

  • The title of this episode alludes to the nickname that Ty calls Amy.




  • Alexandre Deakin as Ty
  • Brandon Lising as J-Troupe dancer
  • Brigitte Turnbull as AcroNation dancer
  • Emily Grady as AcroNation dancer
  • Emily Roman as Presley
  • Ewan Hartman as Mackenzie
  • Isaac Lupien as Eldon
  • Jahzara Aaliyah as J-Troupe dancer
  • Julia Miller as AcroNation dancer
  • Julian Elia as Elliot
  • Kennedy Johnston as AcroNation dancer
  • Kylie Haasz as J-Troupe dancer
  • Madi Langdon as Winnie
  • Nathaniel Belnavis-Wright as Adrian
  • Sarah Parlatore as AcroNation dancer
  • Zofia Kasprzyk as AcroNation dancer


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