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Make sure you lock that drawer up good.

Margie, to Chloe

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"Under Pressure" is the 24th episode in Season 2 of The Next Step and the 54th overall. It aired on October 23, 2014.


Emily tries to expose Amanda but gets caught in her own trap, while James and Riley attend CPR class.


Margie season 2 3

Margie draws on money.

Kate is in her office with Chloe, who is helping count the money for Nationals. Margie is there as well, as her mum has dropped her off early for Baby Ballet class. Chloe explains in Talking Heads that Margie is like her guardian angel. Margie draws a smiley face on one of the $5 bills, and Kate tells her that she mustn't draw on money (according to Miss Kate's confessional, this is against the law). Chloe admits that she is flattered that Kate trusts her with so much money. Outside of the office, Amanda and Emily see Chloe counting the money, and Amanda says that she has found out how to get Chloe kicked out of The Next Step. Emily realizes that she needs to find a way to prevent this.

Amanda is performing her solo for Nationals in front of A-Troupe. Over a series of confessionals, different team members comment on how great Amanda is and how mean Emily has become, unknowing of the grand scheme of things. Afterwards, Kate tells the team that she needs someone to learn CPR for Nationals. Riley volunteers James to do it, and tells him that he can trade it for #7 on the list. James agrees, as long as Riley does the class with him.

Amanda and Emily steal the lockbox key from Chloe's bag and replace it with an identical one, open the lockbox, steal the money, and plant it in Chloe's bag. Emily reveals that she feels awful for doing such a task.

James season 2 5

James is bored.

Later, James is with Riley at the CPR class. James introduces himself to an elderly lady in the class, Dorothy, who is known as the Bingo Lady. The CPR instructor, Mr. Abernathy, comes into the class. Riley calls him "intense" and James remarks that he is as bad as his driving instructor. Mr. Abernathy picks on James instantly after he implies that the class is boring.

Back at Studio A, Emily moves the money from Chloe's bag to Amanda's to frame her and get her kicked out. At the CPR class, Mr. Abernathy pairs up the students and James ends up with Dorothy while, Riley is paired with a "hot guy."

Kate tells A-Troupe that the money has been stolen and calls Chloe into her office. Meanwhile, Mr. Abernathy uses Dorothy as a "casualty", and James is forced to give her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Kate is speaking with Chloe and although Chloe tells her she did not steal the money, Kate asks her to leave as she was the only one who had access to it. After Chloe runs outside and cries, Margie sees her and tells her that "sometimes things are hard, but you have to believe in yourself" giving Chloe hope. Meanwhile, Emily decides it is time to expose Amanda. She accuses Amanda of stealing the money publicly, and tells them they should check her bag. Kate does this and finds nothing. Amanda confesses in Talking Heads that she knew Emily was going to do this, and therefore moved the lockbox key to Emily's bag. Kate finds the key and discovers that it opens the now empty lockbox. Emily leaves, knowing that no-one will believe her.

Emily amanda season 2 5

Emily is shocked that she has been framed.

James is working on chest compressions and admits to Dorothy why he is at the class. Dorothy understands and requests to Mr. Abernathy to switch partners with Riley, which he agrees to. Riley suddenly gets a text from Emily that reads "S.N.S." (Sister Needs Sister). James gets Riley out of class so that she can attend to Emily — which he manages by saying to Mr. Abernathy that Riley doesn't think Scrapbooking Tuesday is fun. Mr. Abernathy takes offence at this, and tells Riley to leave. Riley arrives at The Next Step, where Emily tells her what happened and that she is suspended from the studio.


  • Emily is suspended from the studio.
  • Emily has been at the studio for 14 years.
  • Emily is 16 years old.
  • James has officially completed Riley's list.
  • What #7 on Riley's list is remains unknown. Although, preparation for it involves: learning how to scuba dive and juggle, getting malaria pills, getting one's ears pierced, getting a passport among other things.
  • Margie is left-handed.


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  • The title refers to a song by Queen and David Bowie of the same name.






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