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Riley, when attempting to speak to Brighter Brightest

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"Video Killed the Radio Star" is the 9th episode in Season 1 of The Next Step and the 9th episode overall. It first aired on May 3, 2013.


A-Troupe is selected to perform in a music video for the band Brighter Brightest.


Chris makes A-Troupe dance to a song by Brighter Brightest only to reveal that the troupe will be dancing for the band's music video. Everyone is excited, especially Riley since she is one of their biggest fans.

Riley is convinced that she will be cool when Brighter Brightest arrives, but James is very skeptical. When Alex and Derek from Brighter Brightest enter the studio with their publicist, Riley rushes towards them, even pushing Michelle in the process. As Brighter Brightest's publicist introduces the members, Riley attempts to ask for their autograph but is so nervous that she begins stammering, causing the band members to believe that she is speaking in Swahili. To break the tension, the dancers are asked to freestyle. All of the dancers perform well, except for Riley who is so nervous that she can't even dance properly. Afterwards, the publicist begins speaking of how impressed she is while James teases Riley. As the two begin to argue, the publicist calls them out much to Riley's horror. The band brings them forward and Alex tells the two that they have obvious chemistry and makes them the focus of the video. The publicist emphasizes that they need to be ready by tomorrow and Emily assures them that they will.

Chloe kate season 1 vktrs

Chloe tells Kate that she cannot go to the music video shoot.

Chloe tells Kate that she will unable to attend the music video shoot as she has "a personal commitment", which is actually a shift at work. Kate is incredulous at Chloe's apparent lack of commitment and confesses that maybe she shouldn't be on A-Troupe. Eventually, Chloe lies that she mixed up the dates and can actually go but confesses that she will have to find somebody to cover her shift. Emily choreographs a dance for A-Troupe to perform in the video and does not take anybody's input into consideration. The boys are angry that their thoughts are not being taken into consideration into the routine. Finding the choreography suitable for a band called Dimmer Dimmest, James tries to throw Emily off by making animal noises and is soon joined by the other boys. Consequently, Emily orders them to get out of the studio to which they gladly comply.

The boys go to Studio B and continue to goof off by impersonating the members of the studio. Meanwhile, the girls are attempting to rehearse in Studio A when Chris and Kate enter the studio with pizza. Chris immediately notices that they boys are missing and asks where they are. Emily tells Chris that the boys were literally horsing around and are in Studio B, so Chris leaves to find and confront them. When he finds the boys, they are mocking the Dolphin Tail. Chris orders them to return to Studio A and confesses that if they are going to impersonate him, they should at least do the Dolphin Tail properly.

When the boys return, an instant dispute ensues. Kate butchers the Dolphin Tail to get the dancers' attention, causing them to laugh. Their laughter dissipates when Kate chastises them and decides to call off the video. The dancers each have somebody else to blame for the scenario, except for Chloe who is content that the video has been called off because she couldn't find anybody to cover her shift.

James kate chloe season 1 vktrs

James admits that he mooed.

Emily and James enter Kate's office. Emily assures Kate that she can handle this and that the music video can be done. Emily blames James for the ruckus that ensued and James admits that he did "moo," but lies that it's how he deals with stress. Kate says that if they want to do the video, Emily has to include everybody's moves. Emily begrudgingly agrees and tells the rest of A-Troupe that the shoot is still on.

While waiting for the band, Riley is trying to figure out how to act around them and James motivates her. Riley confesses that speaking to him surprisingly helped her. Meanwhile, Chloe calls her boss and lies that she feels sick and will be unable to work her shift. Her boss tells her that if she misses one more shift, she will be fired.

The following day, the band enters the studio. A band member tries to greet Riley, but Derek informs them that Riley doesn't speak English, embarrassing her and amusing James.

The video is shot, with James and Riley at the centre.

Late at night, Riley is alone in Studio A until James joins her and asks her why she is sad. She explains that she is upset because she had a chance to talk to Brighter Brightest and blew it. James tells Riley that she shouldn't be sad as he got something for her. One of the members of the band then enters, hands Riley an an autographed photo and gives her a kiss on the cheek.


  • James can play the drums.
  • Riley's favourite band is Brighter Brightest.
  • As seen on the clapperboard that Riley held, this episode took place on August 7, 2012.



  • Despite Riley saying that her and James have chemistry in "Just the Two of Us," she denies that they do in this episode.

Production errors

  • The producers claim that Season 1 took place in 2015, yet the date on the clapperboard that Riley held was August 7, 2012.

Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song by The Buggles with the same name. 





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