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"Walk This Way" is the 7th episode in Season 4 of The Next Step and the 101st episode overall. It aired on March 25, 2016.


Amanda finds herself uncharacteristically nervous around Noah. Meanwhile, Riley is wary of James going to England.


Amanda riley season 2 wtw

Riley laughs about Amanda's crush on Noah.

Amanda sits in Java Junction and confesses that she can't stop thinking about Noah. Riley joins her and asks her if she has seen James, but notices that Amanda isn't listening to her. She tries to snap Amanda out of her trance, but notices that Amanda is staring at Noah. Naturally, Riley asks Amanda why she is staring at him, and Amanda admits that he has muscles. Riley confesses that Amanda liking Noah is weird and begins to laugh, causing Amanda to get up to leave. Just as she is about to exit, Noah asks her to meet him in the Lounge later to which she nervously agrees. James enters the store and sits across from Riley. Riley eventually admits to him that she is anxious about him going to London. James takes Riley's hands and asks her if she thinks he shouldn't go, but Riley assures him that he should. Nonetheless, James still notices that Riley is worried.

Michelle cassie season 4 wtw

Cassie comments on how cool it would be to do what LaTroy and Henry can.

In the Rehearsal Room, Henry and LaTroy are practicing their hip-hop. Cassie and Michelle walk in on them and watch from a distance, both intimidated by how much better than them they are at hip-hop. After they finish dancing, Henry and LaTroy begin arguing about who is the better dancer. Seeing this, Cassie and Michelle suggest that they teach them some of their moves, and whoever teaches better is the better dancer. Henry and LaTroy agree. Meanwhile, Amanda meets Noah in the Lounge and confesses that she is uncharacteristically nervous. Noah tells her that he is going to a family gathering and that he needs to pick a good outfit because every year he is made fun of for it. He asks Amanda for help which she agrees to. In preparation to try on different shirts, Noah takes off his shirt, leaving him in a sleeveless tank top. Amanda begins to stare at his muscles. Noah asks her which shirt he should put on first, but Amanda tells him that he could go with what he is already wearing and continues to stare at him. In the Rehearsal Room, Michelle, Cassie, LaTroy and Henry are stretching. Cassie admits that she has never had guy friends, causing Henry to assert that guys and girls can't be friends. Michelle disputes this, claiming that she has tons of guy friends, but realizes that she has dated three of them. LaTroy tells them that guys and girls can be friends, because he and Sloane are best friends. Suddenly, Henry jumps into the story of his break-up with his best friend Jacquie. Trying to veer from the topic, the four just agree that guys and girls can be friends. To get started with the dancing, LaTroy pairs up with Michelle and Cassie pairs up with Henry.

Riley james season 4 wtw

Riley pushes James.

Riley is watching a video in her office when James enters. She shows him a comprehensive list of all of the tube stations in London. Knowing that there is an app for that, James tells Riley that he thinks that she is anxious about her position as studio head, rather than about his trip. Riley instantly spirals into a monologue about the stress she is feeling in her job and the fact that with James gone, she will be unable to rely on him. To make her feel better, James allows her to push him, after which they hug. While embracing, James jokingly assures Riley that there is an app for her predicament.

Noah tries on shirts for Amanda, all of which are terrible. Amanda realizes that Noah really needs assistance, and vows to help him even if it means venturing outside of his closet.

Riley theo season 4 wtw

Riley tells Theo that he almost knocked himself out.

Riley is struggling to find papers in her office when Theo enters. He bows before Riley, nearly knocking his head on the side of her desk, an action that he claims he did because he "lives on the edge". Theo invites Riley to dinner in Studio A with James in an hour. Theo bows again, making himself dizzy, and exits her office. In the Rehearsal Room, Cassie talks to Henry about Jacquie. Although he doesn't want to talk about her, Cassie gets him to talk about her. He tells her that they started dating in grade 6 and dated for 3 years until a new boy moved in and she feel in love with him. Cassie assures him that she was just a "little love" and that if she is his "big love" he'll find her again. Henry thanks Cassie and admits that maybe guys and girls can be friends.

Amanda noah season 4 wtw 2

Noah attempts to hug Amanda.

Amanda presents Noah with a shirt and sweater that she bought at the mall, and tells him that if he wears them with pants that do not have holes, that he will look great. Noah attempts to hug Amanda but stops at the last second and tries to cover it up by saying that his shirt is a great colour on her. Meanwhile, Riley enters Studio A for her date and is directed to a table by Theo. She is met by a rose from James. After she and James are seated, they are met with soup and baloney sandwiches from John and Luke. Riley confesses that she is having the best time.

Cassie and Michelle finally show off their newly-learned moves, and Henry and LaTroy call it a tie. By the end, the four are dancing together. Meanwhile, Amanda sits in Java Junction. Noah enters and tells Amanda that nobody commented on his outfit and that he was even referred to as "svelte". In gratitude, Noah shares a pie from the gathering with Amanda, confessing that Amanda is the greatest. Likewise, Amanda becomes more firm in her crush on Noah.

During the final stages of James and Riley's date, Theo enters and says that he will play a song that James wrote for Riley which is called "Brave" because that it what James believes that is what Riley is. Eventually, James asks Riley to dance with him and the two slow dance to the song. While they dance, the two confess how they will always be together and feel a little lighter after the date. As the song ends, the two share a kiss.


Production errors

  • Amanda defines svelte as "fit" or "muscle-y". Although, svelte means "slender" or "elegant".



  • In the "Previously On" segment Riley says: "Deep down I know everything's gonna be okay... I just wish he didn't have to go." This statement is never said in a previous episode.
  • Noah told Richelle that he cannot chew with his mouth closed due to a sinus problem in "Today I'm Getting Over You", but he can be seen chewing pie with his mouth closed.

Cultural references

  • The title of the episode refers to a song by Aerosmith of the same name.




  • Levi Randall as Theo
  • Shane Harte as Luke
  • Alex Zaichkowski as John


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