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It's not working. And I'm worried about it never working again.

James, about his relationship with Riley

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"Water It" is the 26th episode in Season 2 of The Next Step, and the 56th episode overall. It aired on November 14, 2014.


Officially back together, Riley and James search for the spark they used to have together.


Riley james thalia giselle season 2

Riley and James accept their duet back from Giselle and Thalia.

James and Riley are at Culture Shock, trying to rekindle what they once had; although they are together again, things remain awkward between them. West gives the two movie tickets, and despite them being a few weeks old, the two appreciate the thought. After he leaves, Giselle and Thalia enter and offer the two their duet back because the two believe that Riley and James have more chemistry than them. James and Riley eventually accept, but Riley secretly wonders if they actually do have enough chemistry yet to do the duet.

A-Troupe is practising their semi-finals routine for Nationals, with Michelle trying to catch up. Kate calls Michelle into her office and after expressing how glad she is that she has returned, asks her if she would still like the female solo. After some convincing, Michelle says yes, although she is still weary as to whether or not she can pull it off in time.

At Culture Shock, Emily encounters West seemingly talking to himself, and upon further inquiry finds out that he is actually dubbing people's conversations. Emily decides to join him and the two dub Giselle and Thalia's conversation, which actually proves to be fun. Meanwhile, James and Riley struggle with their duet, and worry it might not work out because their chemistry is not at the same level that it once was. Sensing this, Riley calls for a break.

Michelle is practising for her solo in Studio A, when Eldon walks in. Eldon eventually asks to see what she has so far, and Eldon critiques it as well as gives her some tips to make it a better routine. Michelle confesses that it feels like their rough times are now in the past.

West emily season 2 4

West and Emily laugh.

Emily and West are still dubbing people's conversations. Emily confesses that she likes hanging out with West. After a bit, West asks what her "thing" is, as he is willing to take part in it. Before she can answer, Riley enters, and takes Emily aside to ask her for advice about James. Emily suggests that she do something nice for James because maybe he doesn't know that she cares about him, creating an imbalance. Riley decides that is a good idea.

In Studio A, Eldon is doing his routine for Michelle. When he finishes, Michelle suggests that he give his dance a storyline: since the song is called Oxygen start with the metaphorical oxygen in one part the body and have it equally distribute throughout his being by the end of the dance.

Emily takes West to the shopping mall and reveals that her "thing" is returning items to stores. It proves to be amusing when Emily tries to return a scarf (a gift from her aunt that is not the right colour) and is unable to because she doesn't have her receipt, therefore making it against store policy. Emily points out that the policy is to offer a store credit if a customer does not have their receipt, but the employee still refuses to budge. Emily eventually pretends to cry and West also steps in to help, causing such a scene that the assistant eventually gives her the store credit.

Eldon michelle season 2 3

Michelle and Eldon hug.

That evening, James arrives at Parkour Alley, having received a message from West to meet him there. Instead, he finds Riley with a picnic basket full of shawarma for them to have together. Back at the studio, Michelle and Eldon are fine-tuning their solos. The two finally become friends again.

Riley and James are having their picnic and are beginning to become back in sync. After Riley professes that the Riley Roll-up was her favourite thing on the list, James performs it once more. The two slow-dance and ultimately kiss. Riley says in Talking Heads that now they're official.


Cultural references

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Christina Martin.




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