I don't have my big sister anymore.


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"We Are Family" is the 20th episode in Season 1 of The Next Step and the 20th episode overall. It aired on October 25, 2013.


Riley tries to make her relationship with Emily as sisters work out.


Eldon and Michelle rehearse their duet in Studio A. Michelle confesses that it is easy dancing with Eldon since he is the best dancer in the studio and, likewise, Eldon confesses that dancing with Michelle is natural.

Emily eldon season 1 we are family

Emily confides in Eldon about her experience at Elite.

Eldon and Emily go on a date at the park. Eldon asks Emily about Elite and Emily admits that it is hard making friends. As the two continue to converse and laugh together, Eldon confesses that he feels bad about the feelings he has been having for Michelle and is sure that he wants to be with Emily.

At Elite, Emily is rehearsing the Regionals routine with the other members under the watch of Amanda and Lucien. Emily is visibly struggling with the routine, for which Amanda antagonizes her throughout the dance.

In the corridor of Studio A, Stephanie is on her cellphone with her agent, still down about her previous failure of an audition. As the call concludes, Tiffany enters the studio and inquires as to what the conversation was about. Stephanie reveals that her agent has an audition for her but that she isn't sure if she should go because of her previous embarrassment. Tiffany urges Stephanie to call back and accept.

Amanda lucien season 1 we are family

Lucien tells the dancers that they are going to switch up the line-up.

Back at Elite the dancers are still practicing their routine with Emily still struggling. Lucien stops the dancers and tells them to take a break so that they can look at formations. After Lucien and Amanda discuss, they call the dancers back into their original formations. From there, Lucien makes Emily switch with a male dancer in the back row, making her believe that Michelle was right when she called her a back-row dancer.

After Elite's rehearsal, Riley tries to make up with Emily, but it instantly turns into an argument. Riley is left near tears, commenting that she no longer has her big sister.

Emily accompanies Eldon on another date after having had a bad day. Eldon remarks that he is playing a game called sneaker-shoe, in which he counts how many people at the park have sneakers and how many have shoes. Emily instantly snaps, telling Eldon that sneakers are shoes, causing Eldon to confess that hanging out with Michelle is more fun. Emily soon after apologizes and reveals to Eldon that Amanda put her in the back row and expresses her belief that she is, in fact, a back-row dancer. Eldon reminds Emily that she is at one of the most prestigious studios in the country and just needs to work her way up. This cheers Emily up and the two proceed to play sneaker-shoe, although Eldon confesses that he still doesn't know how he feels about Emily.

Back in the corridor of Studio A, Tiffany has gotten Stephanie to do jumping jacks to give her the adrenaline needed to call her agent. Stephanie finally calls her agent and books the audition, making her feel better.

Emily is, once again, practicing the Regionals routine with the other Elite dancers and she feels that she is improving due to her new mindset, proven when Amanda commends her and Lucien moves her up to the middle row. Emily confesses that it is all thanks to Eldon and is happy that he is there for her.

Daniel giselle season 1 we are family

Giselle is amused by James' nonchalance about his date with Riley.

A-Troupe has regrouped in Studio A where West asks James how his date with Riley was. James comments that it was alright, although he confesses that he doesn't want to talk about it because Riley is different. Giselle instantly begins laughing and mocks James, believing that his recounting of the date is ridiculous.

Emily makes her way to the park, wishing to surprise Eldon with a picnic. As she walks, Riley approaches her against the two finally make up upon Riley's coercion. Riley asks Emily how things are with Eldon and Emily inquires about James. Riley tells her about their date, shocking Emily in its complexity. Riley admits that she doesn't know whether or not she is actually in a relationship with James and Emily tells her to simply ask him. Riley leaves, having to return to rehearsal.

Michelle and Eldon perform their duet for A-Troupe and everybody loves it. As Riley enters the studio, she sees Eldon and reminds him of his a date with Emily. Eldon instantly hurries out. Soon after, Riley pulls James aside and asks him if they are in a relationship. James retorts by asking her if she wants to be in a relationship. When she concurs, James flips and then spins Riley around, elated that they are now official.

Eldon sprints towards Emily and, when he arrives, Emily notices that he has two different shoes on, one of which is Stephanie's. Eldon sits with Emily and is shocked at the site of a picnic since Emily didn't enjoy it the last time. Emily reveals that she realized it isn't about what you do, but who you're with, causing Eldon realize that he'd rather be with Michelle.



  • Emily claims that it has been a few days since she has seen Eldon when she is waiting for him in the park, but Riley claims that she went on her date with James the previous night and Emily sees Eldon during this episode. Therefore, it could not have been a few days since Emily had seen Eldon.

Production errors

  • During their solo, Eldon places the blue bag on Michelle's back before dipping her, but when she surfaces after being dipped, the bag she wears is purple.

Cultural references

  • The title is a reference to a song of the same name by Sister Sledge.





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