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I'll get to you when I get to you!

Riley, to an impatient costumer

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"Welcome to Miami" is the 23rd episode in Season 3 of The Next Step and the 87th episode overall. It aired on October 23, 2015.


The Next Step arrives in Miami, ready for Absolute Dance Internationals. Riley has to work as a waitress in a Cuban restaurant after she is unable to pay for a meal. West shows some of the more quirkier attractions Miami has to offer.


Kate season 3 wtm

Kate tells the dancers that they have the day off.

A-Troupe arrives at Miami's Absolute Dance Internationals venue, and the team is astounded by the largeness of the event. As the team wanders around the area, Thalia begins greeting random members from other countries, having learned how to say "Hello" in 55 other languages before the event. Although, a conversation with a hospitable Italian dancer goes a little too far, as Thalia has no idea what she is saying. Regardless, Eldon is astounded by Thalia, stating that his (almost) "girlfriend" is a genius. Kate announces that since North American teams don't have to register until the following day, that the A-Troupers can explore. At this, Stephanie expresses that she has heard of a great tour in Miami which leads right up to Drake's house, but Giselle discounts it as too expensive. West, hearing this, assures them that he can be their tour guide. Then, Ella and Riley reconcile after a week of being away from each other; Ella decides to treat Riley to lunch at a Cuban restaurant, all expenses payed by her. Riley accepts, but therefore has to cancel her plans with James. Although James lets Riley go, he is clearly disappointed.

Riley season 3 w

Riley gets a call from Ella telling her that she will be unable to return.

Ella and Riley arrive at the Cuban restaurant called "Majestic," where they sit and eat food that Riley confesses is delicious. Ella admits that, so far, she has had dim sum in Beijing and croissants in Paris, causing Riley to be astounded by how many times Ella has been to Internationals. Just then, Ella realizes that she forgot her wallet. Since Riley has nothing to pay for the food, Ella decides that she will run and get it and orders Riley to stall for her, despite Riley's protest.

Amanda, Giselle, and Stephanie, led by West, arrive at a Miami beach. West has brought a bottle of water, and Amanda inquires as to why he brought it; West reveals that it is a bottle of Pacific Ocean water from his uncle North North, to be poured into the Atlantic Ocean. Amanda asks him if that means that his last name is "North," to which West concurs. Stephanie finds this humorous, as this means that his name is "West North," although West explains that, with the inclusion of his middle name, his full name is actually "West East North." Amanda asks why South wasn't utilized, and West reveals that that is his mom's name. West is sure that the combination of the two different types of ocean water will cause a reaction of some sort, although the others do not. He finally pours it, and as suspected by the others, nothing happens.

James eldon season 3 wtm

James and Eldon are at an impasse.

At the restaurant, Riley continues to order food in order to stall. As the waiter leaves to get her order, Riley receives a call from Ella who tells her that she will be unable to make it back to the restaurant. Meanwhile, James is helping Eldon look for a date area for Eldon and Thalia that has a strong sweet spot. As they continue scouting, James receives an urgent text from Riley and is about to leave to find her until Eldon guilt-trips him into staying. Riley has been at the restaurant for over an hour, causing the manager of the store to get suspicious and ask her what is going on. She comes clean, and the manager gives her two options: 1) Riley works as a waitress to pay off the bill, or 2) the police will be called. As Riley doesn't want to end up in a cell downtown, she opts for the former.

Stephanie giselle amanda season3 wtm

Upon West's order, the girls embrace the humidity.

Eldon is still looking for a date spot, and James leaves, now extremely fed up. Meanwhile, West is making the girls raise their arms in a park in order to embrace the humidity.

Riley is struggling with being a waitress, especially since she cannot say any of the dish names because they are in Spanish. Meanwhile, James and Eldon are on the beach. James, still getting texts from Riley, thinks that he should go help her. Although Eldon, set on finding the perfect date spot for Thalia, tells James that since Riley is with Ella, Ella can handle it. James, unknowing of the real scenario, agrees.

Manny season 3 wtm

Manny critiques Riley's Spanish.

Back at Majestic, the manager introduces Riley to the chef, Manny. He is extremely eccentric, setting Riley on edge. Riley butchers the names of the orders, but Manny understands all the same, although still critiques Riley on her Spanish.

James expresses his frustration to Eldon about having been walking down Ocean Drive for so long, still failing to find a spot for Thalia. He makes the executive decision to help Riley, and thankfully, Majestic is just across the street. Eldon decides to follow him.

West takes Amanda, Giselle, and Stephanie to Wynwood Walls in the graffiti district of Miami, which the girls love. Meanwhile, James and Eldon enter Majestic and Riley fills them in on what happened. To spite her, James and Eldon decide to sit and order from the menu. Moments later, Riley begs another table to tip her big, and then returns to James and Eldon's table. When the two omit their tip as a joke, Riley begins slapping them until they finally give her the money. The previous two customers see this and give her more money out of fear. Riley is content now that she has the needed amount of money and that Eldon has found his date spot for Thalia.

Finally, West takes the girls to a beautiful graffiti wall by Chor Boogie that he particularly likes. The four decide to dance, and express their excitement for the upcoming competition.


  • West's full name is West East North.
  • West's mom's name is South.
  • West's uncle's name is North.
  • West is the second character to have their middle name revealed, the first being Michelle.[1] He is also the first main character to have their surname revealed.
  • Absolute Dance Internationals has previously been held in Paris and Beijing.
  • Max video-taping throughout the beginning scene of the episode is actually his actor, Devon Brown, with the cast cam.



  • In "Coming Home?" Riley critiques James on his Spanish, which makes hardly any sense, considering how awful Riley is at the language in this episode.
  • In "Coming Home?" James is excited to drop his Spanish in Miami, but doesn't speak Spanish once in this episode.

Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Pitbull.
  • Chor Boogie is a real-life graffiti artist.
  • Wynwood Walls is a real-life graffiti district in Miami.
  • West's full name is possibly poking fun at the name of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter "North West".





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