West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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This is gonna be a life-changing experience.


Bonjour, bonjour! Dzien dobry!

Thalia , to her random competitors

I've been so excited for Internationals that I taught myself how to say hello in 55 languages.


Ciao, bella, bella! Buongiorno!

Thalia , to the Italian competitors

My girlfriend... well... my almost girlfriend is a genius.


Miami has everything! It has oceans, it has nightlife, daylife, afternoon life... it's beautiful. It's a beautiful place.


I didn't know I was gonna have to schedule Riley time. You know I don't like to schedule.


I have this bottle of water that my uncle North North sent me from the Pacific Ocean and... I'm gonna dump it into the Atlantic Ocean and see what happens.


A mediocre restaurant with a mediocre sweet spot is not gonna be good enough.

Eldon , to James

What's more important here: my future love life or some problem that Riley has?

Eldon, to James

I'm a dancer so it just goes right through me. Not-not right through me it's... it's a metabolism thing.

Riley , to the manager of Majestic

That's vitamin D. Humidity.

West, to Giselle, Amanda, and Stephanie

I'll get to you when I get to you!

Riley, to a customer

If those chips are still here they're not on table seven. That's where they need to go!

Manny, to a server

Do you know what a baker's dozen is?

Manny, to Riley

The chef seems a little... eccentric.


Anthony, we need two empanadas and two con asado.


Manny: Your Spanish is the worst.

Riley: Gracias.

Any place would have worked. The first place would have worked, second place would have worked, the ninth place would have worked. It doesn't matter where you go, man. It's who you're with.


James: I have endured many very, very angry text messages from Riley. So, you know what? I'm actually done with this and I'm gonna go deal with that because she is right in there. But, hey bud, we had a great day.
Eldon: Well, we tried. You know what? We did have a great day.

Graffiti and tagging was considered a crime in other places. Here, it's considered art. Which is what it's supposed to be.


Please please tip me big.

Riley, to two customers

To me, personally, the chicken seemed like it wasn't really made with love.

Eldon, to Riley

I really love this piece of art because it's all about love. See, the guy over there, the girl over there—they're all connected and they meet up in the middle with love.

West, to Stephanie, Giselle, and Amanda