West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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I dance because it is the most romantic of the arts.


Dance is just something I have to do. I'm 100% compelled to do it. Everything else is just a choice, but... dance... I have to do.


It's my first official day as a member of A-Troupe. I have never been more excited...or more nervous.


I can't run the studio...can I?


This is about the future—my future.


I didn't think there was anything worse than being an alternate. But I was wrong.


At least you still get to dance.

Amanda, to Riley

I'm so nervous, I can't think straight. But, I don't want people to think I'm not ready for this.


We need to find a way to get our nerves way down. To zero percent.

Piper , to Cassie, Sloane, and Amy

I'm afraid that I'm not gonna stop growing. I'll lose my coordination and I won't be able to dance anymore.

Cassie , to the Zero Percent Club

People don't realize that being tall is kind of a curse. You're awkward, you're clumsy. It can be really hard to adjust.


My biggest fear is that I'm a hip-hop dancer and I'll never be able to do the contemporary dances as well as you guys.

Sloane, to the other members of the Zero Percent Club