West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Season 1

I just wanna do back-flips all the way home.

— "Everybody Dance Now"

I mean, if it makes you feel any better, I could dress up like a girl. [...] 'Kay 'cause, you know, I got a dress there in the change room.

— to Michelle, "Everybody Dance Now"

I can't wait to start fishing.

— "Steal My Sunshine"

Uh, of course you can [fish with this]. What do you-'kay, what do you call a pole with a rod and a hook?

— to James , "Steal My Sunshine"

Uh, you know what guys? Maybe-maybe the fish are sleeping.

— to Daniel, Michelle, James, Eldon, and Riley, "Steal My Sunshine"

The E-Girls are like when you get a new pair of boots and you walk in the rain and you realize there's a hole in them and then your socks are all wet.

— "Steal My Sunshine"

Guess how many grains of sand are in my hand right now. [...] Guess. [...] Five thousand on average.

— to Daniel and James , "Steal My Sunshine"

Guess the melting point of sand. [...] It's one thousand four hundred and twenty-seven degrees celsius.

— to James and Daniel , "Steal My Sunshine"

You know, we just asked you for a metal detector, but no, you gotta charge us a hundred bucks. Selfish.

— "Steal My Sunshine"

She means: do what we do best. I mean, I don't know what that's really supposed to mean, but I know that when we do it, it's gonna be great. Maybe even the best.

— "Steal My Sunshine"

Pas de chat? Is that, like, a new breed of cat or something?

— to Daniel, "Good Girls Go Bad"

It's like having a pound of cheese, just on your spine. And you're just like a robot, you can' can't move.

— "Just the Two of Us"

Go big or go home.

— to Daniel, "Can You Keep a Secret?"

Well, you know what I gotta say about that? Did you know that tea was discovered by Chinese emperor Shennong in 2737 B.C.? Yeah... bet you didn't know that.

— to Chloe, "Price Tag"

Please, girl, I work this!

— to Emily, "Bad Moon Rising"

Although, I do have matching socks.

— to Amanda, "I'm So Excited"

Season 2

Hold my fedora!

— to Giselle, "Don't Stop the Party"

Winnowing! When you separate the wheat from the chaff—

— "Don't Stop the Party"

Emily, you need to settle down, you're taking it way too far.

— "Game On"

I didn't know we were looking for five-leafs... or six.

— "Heartbreaker"

When I take on roles like these I just...I really like to become a method actor. You know, I don't like to just do it. I want to live it.

— "Lost"

And I'm West. [...] West. [...] West.

— to Luther, "Run This Town"

Now that I've won the slo mo race, you know, I think I'm gonna take it up another notch and start racing with sloths. Or even a snail, I think maybe a snail. That'd be a bit more challenging.

— "Run This Town"

I think we should go on a date.

— to Emily, "You Love Me"

Season 3

I like basketball, I like to dance, so why not put them together?

— "Let the Games Begin"

I feel Max and I are on a level that is beyond talking. We don't even have to talk to communicate or to connect.

— "Your New Beginning"

I have never seen anybody catch a glass of milk falling off of a table without anything spilling.

— "Put You First"

What did you just do? [...] No no. You just caught that glass without spilling any contents onto the floor.

— to Noah , "Put You First"

You know, West and I have a pretty good duet going on.

— "Sweet Spot"


— to Thalia, "Mixed Messages"

Dance is a universal language.

— "Mixed Messages"

Now I think I understand why the universal language of dance didn't take off. It's too exhausting!

— "Mixed Messages"

I don't like what's going on here.

— to James and Riley, "Never There"

What just happened?

— to Max and James, "Cry Me a River"

Miami has everything! It has oceans, it has nightlife, daylife, afternoon life... it's beautiful. It's a beautiful place.

— "Welcome to Miami"

I have this bottle of water that my uncle North North sent me from the Pacific Ocean and... I'm gonna dump it into the Atlantic Ocean and see what happens.

— "Welcome to Miami"

That's vitamin D. Humidity.

— to Stephanie, Giselle, and Amanda, "Welcome to Miami"

Graffiti and tagging was considered a crime in other places. Here, it's considered art. Which is what it's supposed to be.

— "Welcome to Miami"

I really love this piece of art because it's all about love. See, the guy over there, the girl over there—they're all connected and they meet up in the middle with love.

— to Stephanie, Amanda, Giselle, "Welcome to Miami"

That kebob was kebad.

— "She's Not You"

Season 4

I mean, where do we even go from here? The galaxy? The universe?

— "One More Time"

I am at the top of my game but I definitely do have the travel bug.

— "One More Time"

Sad Eldon is harder to find that happy Eldon. Or nervous Eldon. Or mad Eldon, or even hungry Eldon.

— "One More Time"

You know what? I heard in Costa Rica you can pick lychees right off the trees and eat them. And there's waterfalls that you can actually swim in.

— "One More Time"

I have a hole in my heart too and it's too big for 65% cacao.

— "One More Time"

Just the circulation in the Lounge... it's really funky. It's kind of bad.

— "One More Time"

I just found out that other than this country, everything is international.

— to Kate, "One More Time"

This is the hardest decision I've ever had to make.

— "One More Time"

You don't know what the quantum theory is, do you?

— to James, "London Calling"

This has been the most mysterious Tuesday I've ever had.

— "London Calling"

Here we go, I bought you a neck pillow.

— to James, "Runaway"

Oh, you know what? You should double up your neck pillow. I've never seen nobody do that.

— to Eldon, "Runaway"

We are in London, England to perform for the Bangers & Mashups Hip-Hop Extravaganza!

— to James and Eldon, "Runaway"

And why are you so wet?

— to Eldon, "Runaway"

There's no fountain in there!

— to Eldon, "Runaway"

Dude. You know your feet are by my pillow where my head goes right?

— to James , "Nobody's Fault But Mine"

Manners, James! I don't come to your house and put my dirty shoes on your pillow. Except for that one time.

— "Nobody's Fault But Mine"

I want to put my finger on the pulse of what's hip-hop-happening in London.

— to Eldon , "Nobody's Fault But Mine"

If every glacier on the planet melted, there would be a lot of water for the peaches, so I don't think they'd—

— to Eldon , "Nobody's Fault But Mine"

It's a text message from-from Thalia. [...] Delete it? [...] I'm not gonna delete this. This is not... that's not honest. It's not true. You gotta show him.

— to James , "Nobody's Fault But Mine"

Definitely no text messages from Thalia... I mean, there was, but it's not there anymore. [...] James told me to delete it. I told him 'no', but you know, he just insisted.

— to Eldon, "Nobody's Fault But Mine"

Eldon, there's a saying: a donkey doesn't hit his hoof on the same rock twice. Don't be more stupid than a donkey.

— "Nobody's Fault But Mine"

I can smack talk all day. I knew how to smack talk before I could talk. [...] Or smack.

— to Eldon , "Your Time Is Gonna Come"

Check it. Skeeby skeeby do be wop. West is about to stir up the pot, pop.

— to James, "Your Time Is Gonna Come"

Alright. I got one thing to say to you, man. I love you!

— to N'SANE , "Your Time Is Gonna Come"

I'm not a negative person. For me, it's all love. And I'm pretty my love got into his head. And that, my friends, is how you smack talk.

— "Your Time Is Gonna Come"

I think I just proved my theory that hip-hop is love. All you need is love, baby.

— "Your Time Is Gonna Come"

We all have to be ready to dance today, but, honestly, I'm a bit worried about James.

— "Bold As Love"

We are about to compete against the best hip-hop team in the world.

— "Bold As Love"

Now it's up to James to take out the next two dancers.

— "Bold As Love"

They're in sync, but they're not really gelling. If they wanna be a Regionals-winning team, they're gonna have to learn how to be more connected.

— "Taking Care of Business"

The Off Season

Now, this dance is a combination of everything that we've learned over the years.

— about himself and Daniel, "Daniel and West's Duet"

Season 5

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