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Yo, I kissed Beth, bro... and Riley saw.

James to West and Eldon

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"What'll I Do" is the 8th episode in Season 2 of The Next Step, and the 38th episode overall. It aired on April 4, 2014.


Auditions for the small group dance are held amid personal betrayals and misunderstandings. James apologizes to Riley but she cannot bring herself to forgive him.


Emily riley season 2

Riley struggles to tell Emily what she witnessed the previous night.

The day after seeing James and Beth kiss while practicing their duet, Riley tells Emily in Culture Shock about what happened. Emily tells Riley that she needs to talk to James in order to truly gauge the magnitude of the situation. When James shows up, Emily swiftly leaves, and James sit with Riley. Riley asks James how practice was with Beth repeatedly, and James refuses to reveal that he and Beth kissed, confesses to be because he believes the kiss meant nothing. Riley blows up, and informs James that she witnesses the kiss; James tries to explain that Beth kissed him, but Riley gets up and leaves before he can, angry that James not only kissed Beth, but lied to her about it.

While A-Troupe is warming up in Studio A, Kate posts up a blank list on the wall for 3 to 6 people to write down their names for small group auditions for Nationals. Thalia asks Amanda and Giselle if they would like to sign up with her, and they ecstatically agree. Chloe asks Daniel if he wants to be in a small group with her, and although it isn't a solo, Daniel agrees because it would mean that he would still be featured. They enlist Hunter as the group's third member. Meanwhile at the ballet bar, James tells Eldon and West that Beth kissed him and Riley saw. West and Eldon find the predicament hilarious and dissolve into laughter; Eldon asks James who initiated the kiss, and James reveals that it was Beth who kissed him. Subsequently, West tells James not to worry...unless the kiss was more than three seconds; after James reveals it to have been about nine seconds long, West and Eldon believe James to be guilty.

Kate chloe riley season 2

Riley tells Kate that she no longer wants the duet.

In the Music Room, James approaches Beth and tells her that he can no longer compete with her in the duet competition because Riley saw them kiss. Beth is immensely disappointed, but eventually concurs. Meanwhile, Riley approaches Kate and tells her that she can't do the duet with James any more. Kate tells her that she needs to be professional and put her personal issues aside, so Riley is ultimately stuck with the duet.

Small group auditions commence. Chloe, Daniel, and Hunter audition first with a hip-hop/ballet fusion to "Classicality", then Amanda, Giselle, and Thalia audition with a jazz trio to "Let's Go Swinging". Kate thanks the dancers and tells them that the verdict will be decided shortly.

Riley is in the Music Room, when James enters, having a surprise planned; it turns out to be a dance, and Riley confesses that it makes her feel lighter, because he is at least trying. After the dance, James tells Riley that he is sorry; he assures her that there was never anything with Beth and that it has always been her. As Riley is about to respond, Beth enters the room and interrupts. Riley's mood instantly dampens and she confronts James, telling him that he ruined something that not even a dance can fix. James tries to protest but Riley refuses to listen. She tells James that they are no longer a couple, then storms out of the room.

Kate announces that the winners of the small group are: Amanda, Thalia, and Giselle. While the girls are ecstatic, Daniel is upset because he is one of the best dancers at the studio and will not be a featured dancer at Nationals.

Riley james season 2 wid

Riley dances, imagining that James is dancing with her.

James is still in the Music Room, now with Beth, who he claims to be a distraction from the pain that he is in. Beth tries to cheer him up and James eventually decides that he will dance at the duet competition with her. After he finalizes this, the two go and get pizza. Meanwhile, Riley is in Studio A, performing James and Beth's duet to "Tied to You", imagining that James is dancing with her. As she dances, she remarks that she feels lost as, at the end of the day, the dance is James and Beth's. After she finishes, Riley crumples to the floor and cries.


Cultural References

  • The title of this episode refers to a song of the same name by Frank Sinatra.





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