I have made a full recovery and I'm coming back to The Next Step, full force.

Richelle to Michelle and Emily

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"Where's Richelle?" is the 14th and final episode of The Off Season: Season 2.


Michelle and Emily visit a recovering Richelle in the hospital while the rest of A-Troupe is auditioning for the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship. But why are they acting weird?[1]


Richelle explains in voice-over and Talking Heads that when she got home after performing the qualifying dance for the Regionals video, she knew she was in trouble with her hip, and so her parents took her to the hospital. She had never felt so scared, and thought her dance career was over. Luckily, Richelle now has only a few weeks left of physio.

While Richelle is sitting in a patient lounge area looking at her phone, she receives an unexpected visit from Michelle and Emily, who have brought her a pot of beautiful pink and white flowers as a gift, which Richelle accepts with thanks. Emily says she and Michelle want to say sorry, and they should never have let Richelle dance.

In Talking Heads, Michelle explains that she and Emily were fired by Miss Kate after they allowed Richelle to dance with snapping hip syndrome, exclaiming "Live as a team, die as a team. But now, thanks to Emily, we have no team!"

Michelle apologizes to Richelle because she had no idea about Richelle's injury, but Richelle says they don't need to because this was all her fault, confessing in Talking Heads that she should have listened to Lola because failing to do so put the entire team in jeopardy. Richelle assures Michelle and Emily she has made a full recovery and will be returning to The Next Step "full force", adding that she will never let them down, which Emily says is good to hear.

Richelle then asks how everything at the studio and Michelle and Emily, not wanting Richelle to know they've been fired, reply somewhat hesitantly that everything is good. Richelle is concerned she might have been replaced, but Michelle hastily assures her they would never replace her. Michelle says it was really great seeing Richelle, and Emily hastily adds they have to get back to work. The girls get up to leave, but pause at the door where Emily hastily assures Richelle everything is fine at The Next Step, and they're good too.

When Michelle and Emily have gone, Richelle wonders in voice-over and Talking Heads why she has the feeling they weren't being completely honest with her. She hopes everything is all right at The Next Step...




  • In the establishing shot of the hospital at the start of the episode, the large blue lettering displayed on the top of the building reads MEDICAL CENTER (U.S. spelling) instead of MEDICAL CENTRE (Canadian spelling).



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