White walls are a type of transition used in the series.


White walls are used as transition scenes at the beginning of an episode for the title sequence and between scenes throughout an episode to move seamlessly from one to the next. As implied by the name, the background is white.

Title sequences

In the opening sequence, which happens a few minutes into the episode, all of the members of A-Troupe are introduced amidst the show's theme song, "Stand Up." During this sequence, each character is introduced, with a brief solo routine and the inclusion of their name. Two characters share the screen at the same time. Usually, but not always, these characters have or will have a relationship or a friendship. For example, James and Riley are introduced together from Seasons 1 to 4 (they are in a relationship for basically the entire series) while Piper and Amy (they are best friends) are introduced together in Season 5. In the later seasons, sometimes the characters introduced after the two sharing the screen are also related to the aforementioned two. For example, Piper and Alfie are introduced after James and Riley in Season 4, having no relation to one another, but being related to the first two: Piper is James' sister and Alfie briefly became Riley's boyfriend. At the latter, the dancers briefly freestyle as a group before posing alongside each other as the song and sequence end.

Transition sequences

Transition sequences occur sporadically throughout an episode in order to transition from one scene to the next. In these sequences, the character(s) who is/are in that specific white wall transition are usually of relevance to the preceding or following scene. For example, in "Welcome to Miami," after a scene starring Eldon and James, which happens to be before a scene with West, Eldon and James are scene dancing, followed by West. During these scenes, a song is played.


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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