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William Elliot[1], known mononymously as Elliot, is a ballet dancer formerly on TNS West and TNS East. He was a Broadway dancer.

William, unbeknownst to his peers, was once a Broadway dancer, but was kicked off his shows for poor behaviour. Hoping to improve his image, he eventually joins TNS West,[2] but his behaviour warrants him being taken off the team.[3] Upon Emily's offer, he joins TNS East.[4]

After being exposed as a former professional dancer, William is kicked off TNS East.[5]


Before the show

Having been put into a studio by his parents, William started dancing at the age of three.[2]

William became a professional dancer on Broadway and was featured in at least six shows, one of which was Don Quixote. Due to bad behaviour, William was kicked off six productions.[1]

Season 5

Hoping to improve his reputation, William, now going by Elliot, successfully auditions for TNS West.[2]

William is astounded to be dancing on the same team as Piper and Ozzy, whom he deems children, and Kingston, who he deems a basement dancer. Realizing the team has many "problems" he is happy that he is there to sort them out.[2]

Elliot is made Piper's duet partner for a dance off meant to determine which studio the dance battle is to be held in. Deeply unimpressed by West's choreography, Elliot forces Piper to go along with his changes to the dance. Elliot is ultimately forced to come clean about his behaviour while on the team, leading him to be taken off it by Michelle.[3] Although, Elliot eventually joins TNS East and assists them in winning the dance battle.[4]

While believing TNS East to be superior to TNS West, Elliot is only able to see Richelle as potentially equal to him in talent.[1] Elliot eventually purchases jackets for the team and, unbeknownst to him, his past as a Broadway dancer is deduced via his misplaced credit card[1] and he is exposed for his true intentions. Elliot is subsequently taken off the team.[5]

Elliot leaves Richelle a bouquet of flowers and a card in her locker.[6]

The Off Season: Season 2

Although not seen on-screen, Elliot visits Richelle whilst she is recovering from snapping hip syndrome in the hospital.[7]

Season 6

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William is extremely conceited and believes his technical training makes him superior to his peers, sometimes even giving them defamatory names in replacement of their real ones to denote their apparent lowliness. While on TNS West, he regularly claims that he is carrying the team on his shoulders and outrightly says that the team needs him.[2][3]

William is quite cold, as well, making him unaffectionate and overly candid. William is opposed to hugging others and has deemed himself not in the business of sparing anybody's feelings.[2] The rare moment when he does appear kind is immediately followed by a show of hostility. He is highly deceptive as well, effectively pulling the wool over Michelle's eyes in regard to his true self.

William has been dubbed "intense" and having an attitude that "stinks,"[2] and it seems as though he is even aware of this, but truly doesn't care. For William, the only thing that matters is winning by whatever means necessary.

Physical appearance


William has tan skin, dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair.


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While dancing, William wears a tank top, paired with sweatpants in Season 5 and shorts in Season 6.



  • Acro: William can perform an aerial.
  • Ballet: William's dominant style is ballet, for which he is exceptionally proficient in.
  • Hip-hop: William is proficient at hip-hop. He pulls off a ballet/hip-hop duet with Piper at the competition for the home studio advantage.[​3]​


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Season 5

Season 6


Group dances



  • William is the fourth character to have his middle name revealed,[1] after Michelle, West, and Amy.
  • William Elliot's name alludes to "Billy Elliot," a character who Julian Elia portrayed in the eponymous Broadway production.[8]


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