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Winifred "Winnie" is a dancer formerly on A-Troupe and currently on B-Troupe.[2][3][4]


Season 6

Winnie joins A-Troupe when Miss Angela is studio head, but is demoted back down to B-Troupe and replaced with Piper after Miss Angela is kicked out of the studio.[3][5]

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Season 7

Winnie auditions for one of the alternate spots on A-Troupe. Despite making it through the freestyle round, she isn't chosen for one of the two alternate spots.

Physical appearance


Winnie has long light brown hair, blue eyes, and light skin. She is of average height.


Winnie's favourite colour is orange. She usually wears an orange tank top or T-shirt with black leggings.




Season 6

Season 7


Group Dances



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