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"Wink It Out" is the 2nd episode in Season 6 of The Next Step and the 156th episode overall. It aired on September 29, 2018.


To help Piper, Noah strikes a bargain with Miss Angela's daughter, Lily, which ends in surprising results.[1]


Noah is leading the other A-Troupers in a barre exercise - except for Piper and Lily, who have not arrived yet. Noah confesses that under normal circumstances, Lily would be in trouble, but as she is Miss Angela's daughter, he doesn't think he can say anything. Just then, Lily and Miss Angela arrive, and Lily immediately attempts to take over the warmup, confessing that she wants to show her mother she can take charge. However, Miss Angela tells Lily that as Noah is the dance captain, she should let him lead the group. She confesses that she doesn't feel she can just give her daughter the captaincy, as she believe that it is a position you must earn. As Noah continues the exercise, Miss Angela begins directing negative comments at the dancers, and - as usual - only gives positive feedback to Lily. She also announces that once the warmup is over, they will be doing duets, and tells everyone to pair up. Summer asks her if they should choose a partner for Piper, as she is apparently unwell, but Miss Angela says she is not concerned about including Piper, as this is the consequence of missing rehearsals. Amy is worried that this might mean Piper is losing her spot, and Summer confesses that if Miss Angela says she is not worried about a dancer, it is not a good sign.

In the locker room, Amy is video chatting with Piper, who is in her bedroom at home. Piper says that she has the flu, but Amy is unconvinced, as she seemed to be feeling fine the day before. She asks if there is something else going on, but Piper insists that there isn't, and that she will be back soon; however, Piper confesses that the real reason she is at home is because after her bad experience with Miss Angela, she can't face the thought of coming back to the studio. Amy tells Piper that everyone wants her to come back, causing Piper to hastily end the call; Amy confesses that Piper isn't acting like herself, and she wishes she would tell her what's wrong.

Later, everyone is practicing individually in Studio A, and Noah confesses that he is waiting for Lily to get there before he begins the warmup. Noah compliments Summer on her turns, which visibly bothers Jacquie, and she cuts in to tell Summer that her turns could actually use more work. When Lily finally arrives, she attempts to take charge in the same way as she did before; confused at her brashness, Noah tells her that it is usually his job to lead the warmups. Lily questions why he has not started already if this is the case, and Noah reveals that he was waiting for her; Lily responds that as she is here now, she will be taking over. As the other dancers look on in confusion, Lily realizes that they do not know who they should listen to, and she asks why they would think Noah is in charge when they know that she is the closest to Miss Angela - Jacquie is disconcerted that Lily thinks she deserves respect just for being the studio head's daughter, and Kenzie and Summer confess that this is how Lily has always acted. In the end, Noah lets Lily take charge, confessing that after what happened to Piper, he doesn't want to do anything to risk his own spot on the team.

In Studio 1, Jacquie and Finn are trying to come up with ideas for duet choreography. As they try out different moves, Kenzie comes in and asks what they are doing, and is perturbed to discover that they are already working on their duet. Not wanting to fall behind, Kenzie says that she wants to use the studio to practice her own duet; however, when Jacquie and Finn ask who her partner is, she panics, and attempts to cover up the fact she doesn't have one by claiming that "he or she" is in the changing rooms. Kenzie confesses that she should probably have found a partner before she demanded to use the studio, but she is not going to let Jacquie and Finn get ahead of her.

Back in Studio A, the team is once again waiting to start rehearsal. As they stretch, Noah notices that a B-Trouper named Winnie is also there, but since it is normal for B-Troupers to sit in on A-Troupe rehearsals, he doesn't question it. Miss Angela enters the studio and tells everyone to take their places; to everyone's surprise, Winnie gets up too, and Miss Angela announces that she will be joining their rehearsal today. Winnie enthusiastically greets everyone and starts chattering about how excited she is to be there, while the A-Troupers exchange confused looks; Amy and Summer both confess that if Miss Angela is bringing a member of B-Troupe to rehearse with them, then it can't be good news for Piper.

Later, Piper is sitting in Shakes & Ladders, and is visibly uneasy. She confesses that Amy told her she is in danger of losing her spot, but now she is here, she is anxious at the thought of facing Miss Angela again. Piper gets up to leave, but Amy arrives just before she reaches the door; Piper frantically lies that she is feeling sick again, and rushes past her. Amy is dismayed that Piper still won't tell her what's wrong, and confesses that if she is away for any longer, she will definitely lose her spot on the team.

In Miss Angela's office, she is having a conversation with Lily about why Noah is dance captain and she isn't. Seeing this, Summer listens by the doorway, hoping to find out something that could help Piper. Miss Angela tells Lily that Noah makes friends easily, and everyone is therefore happy to let him lead them; Lily responds that no one seems to like her, and she doesn't feel like she fits in. Summer is surprised, as she didn't realize that Lily cared what people thought of her, and Lily confesses that her mother puts a lot of pressure on her and she doesn't want to disappoint her. Miss Angela consoles Lily, and assures her that people will accept her eventually, while Summer decides that she will try and talk to Lily about Piper.

In the locker room, Summer approaches Lily and asks if she thinks Piper is being replaced. Lily confesses that she knows Summer is only talking to her because she wants something, and that this has happened to her many times before. Lily responds that she doesn't know for certain what will happen to Piper, as she doesn't have the authority to find out - but that if she were dance captain, she might be able to help her. Summer realizes that she has misjudged Lily, and tells her that she can't make her dance captain - but Lily points out that she is friends with Noah, and she could therefore do something to help her take his place. Summer is appalled that Lily is using Piper as leverage, but decides that she needs to talk to Noah.

As Finn and Jacquie are practicing their duet, Kenzie drags Kingston into Studio 1; she confesses that she found him doing nothing in Shakes & Ladders, so she decided that he would be her duet partner. Kenzie attempts to start practicing right next to Finn and Jacquie; at first, Jacquie tries to edge her out, but instead of being intimidated, Kenzie compliments her moves and starts suggesting her own ideas. Eventually, the girls are essentially choreographing their own duet while Kingston and Finn are left on the sidelines; after to failing to get their attention, the boys decide to get juice together instead. Jacquie and Kenzie both confess that they didn't expect to end up working together, but they are coming up with some great choreography.

Having heard from Summer that Lily might be able to help Piper, Amy and Noah meet her in the locker room. Summer reveals that she spoke to Lily, but that it looks like if they want to help Piper, their only choice would be for Noah to cede his dance captaincy to her. At first, Noah refuses to even consider the idea, but Amy reminds him that Piper is an important part of the team, and that this might be their only chance to keep her on A-Troupe. Even though Noah isn't convinced that Lily will keep her word, he decides that Amy and Summer are right - if there is a chance they can help Piper, then it is worth a try.

In Studio 1, Kenzie and Jacquie perform their completed duet, and confess how much they have enjoyed working together. Jacquie says that whatever she may think of Miss Angela, she is glad she brought all these new dancers to A-Troupe, and the two embrace happily once they have finished.

Back in Studio A, Miss Angela announces to A-Troupe that Lily is the new dance captain; the news is not warmly received, and Miss Angela has to force everyone to clap. Lily then proclaims that for her first act as dance captain, she is officially promoting Winnie to A-Troupe; while Winnie is overjoyed, Amy, Noah and Summer are all outraged, and Amy confesses that Lily just stabbed both Piper and Noah in the back. Summer questions why Piper is getting demoted to B-Troupe just because she took one sick day, and Miss Angela claims that if Piper had followed protocol and called in sick, she could have kept her spot. Summer angrily points out that Miss Angela has picked on Piper from the beginning, and compares it to her "blatant favouritism" of Lily. Despite clearly being angry at Summer's outburst, Miss Angela says that as she is a scholarship-winning dancer, she is allowing her to stay on the team - but after once again stating that Piper has been cut from the team for not following protocol, she orders Summer to clean the mirrors as a punishment. Dejected, Summer lets the matter drop. Amy confesses how impressed she is that Summer stood up to Miss Angela, while Summer sadly confesses her regret that her plan backfired.

Later that night, Summer is cleaning mirrors alone in Studio A. Before too long, Noah and Amy come in to give her a hand, telling her that even though her plan to help Piper didn't work, they still admire her for standing up to Miss Angela. As they start work on the mirrors, the other A-Troupers come in as well; Kingston confesses that they are a team, and they are going to be there for each other. As everyone cleans, Summer says that their problem is that Miss Angela is a "monster", and she thinks they need another monster to fight back against her - a "dance-zilla". Just as she says this, Richelle enters the studio, having finally been released from hospital; Noah smiles, and confesses that their dance-zilla has arrived.




  • Henry claims that it is a rule at The Next Step Dance Studio that the dance captain has to be voted in by A-Troupe; however, the only dance captains who are actually shown being voted in by the team are Michelle and Noah.
    • It could even be argued that the rule is that dance captain is chosen by the studio head, as various episodes imply this is the case:
      • The only reason Emily was not instantly given the captaincy in "Everybody Dance Now" was because Michelle was there, and only the two of them were selected to compete for the role with no suggestion that anyone else would be considered.
      • Amanda is selected as dance captain after Michelle quit the studio and Emily supposedly reverted to her old ways in "Game On".
      • Giselle is directly chosen for the role by Kate in "I'm Your Captain", and only faces competition after Shantel asks to be considered.
      • Michelle is offered the captaincy by Riley in "Only You", and while it is technically Emily who later chooses Skylar for the role (and other candidates are considered), it can still be argued that the dance captain was chosen by a higher authority rather than a vote.
      • Richelle and Piper are directly chosen by Emily and Michelle to be the dance captains of TNS East and TNS West; the fact that Richelle was not chosen through a vote is something she herself points out in "Go West, Young Michelle".
  • Richelle returns to A-Troupe and The Next Step at the end of the episode. However, in "Where's Richelle?", she confesses that she has a few weeks of physiotherapy left. Seeing as both "Jacquie's Audition" and "Grave New World" are declared to be three weeks after "Pointe of No Return" and chronologically, "Where's Richelle?" takes place after "Jacquie's Audition", a few weeks cannot have passed between the events of "Grave New World" and "Wink It Out".
    • It is possible, but unlikely, due to Richelle's dancing in the very next episode, which is likely the next day, that Richelle was allowed to dance at the same time as receiving physiotherapy.

Cultural References

  • The title of the episode alludes both to Miss Angela's catchphrase and to a song called "Work It Out" by Beyoncé.





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