Looks like the only way to save Piper's spot on the team, is if you make Lily dance captain.

Summer to Noah

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"Wink It Out" is the 2nd episode in Season 6 of The Next Step and the 156th episode overall. It aired on September 29, 2018.


To help Piper, Noah strikes a bargain with Miss Angela's daughter, Lily, which ends in surprising results.[1]


Noah leads the team in a barre exercise. Everyone is there except Lily. Noah tell us that it normaly mean she's in trouble but because she's Miss Angela daughter he can't say much. Lily and  Miss Angela walk in. Lily is telling us in talking head that she what to show her moms how she take charge of things and get the team ready for regionals in no time. Lily tries to take over as dance capitain but Miss Angela tell her that Noah is dance captain. In talking heads she tell us that the dance captain spot has to be earn. During the excerise Miss Angela comments on the dancers; she says Lily has a good smile, Amy should look ahead and calls Ozzy "Fozzy". After, Miss Angela announces that she will be doing duets. Summer asks her if they should choose a partner for Piper as she is "sick", but Miss Angela says she not worry about Piper, that’s what happens when she (Piper) misses rehearsal. In the locker room, Amy is video chatting with Piper on her phone. Piper says she is has the flu, but Amy knows that something else is going on. In Talking Heads, Piper admits she isn’t coming back because she doesn’t want to be embarrassed again. 

The next day the team is stretching, Noah tell us they are still wating for Lily so he can start the warm up. Noah comment on Summer turns. Jacquie tell Summer she need a bit more work,in talking heads tell us that her turn aren't great. like Noah hasn't seen a fouetté before. Lily walks in and start to take over the warm up. Noah say he usually in charge of the warm up. Lily remind everyone that she is Miss Angela's daughter. Everyone hesitate, not knowing if they should listen to Lily or not. In the end Noah goes back with the rest of the group and letting Lily lead the warm-up.  In talking heads he tell us that he doesn't want to cause trouble. He's worried that Miss Angela has already made Piper a target and he doesn't want to be next. 

In Studio 1, Jacquie and Finn are trying out different moved to see if they can come up with ideas for duet choreography. Kenzie come in and ask them what they are doing. They say they are auditionning each other for the duet. Kenzie don't want to get behind so lie and pretend she already has a duet partner. 

Back in Studio A the team is stretching and waiting for rehersal. Winnie from B-Troupe is also there. Miss Angela come in and start rehersal. Miss Angela telling A-Troupe that Winnie is going to be joining rehersal today. Amy and Summer thinking Piper is in trouble.

In Shakes & Ladders we see Piper sitting at a table really anxious. Amy has ask her to come back to save her spot. Piper decide to leave just when Amy come in. She pretend she is sick again and leave. Amy is worried that Pipper going to lose her spot.

Miss Angela is talking to Lily in her office. Miss Angela is telling Lily that Noah is Dance captain is because he social and make other like him. Summer is evesdroping on the conversation. Lily don't think people like her at The Next Step. Summer sympathized with Lily. She think she might talk to her about Piper. 

In the locker room Summer come in to talk to Lily about Piper. Lily think the only reason Summer want to talk is because she want something. It's been this way for Lily at every studio. Lily tell Summer that she is not Dance Captain if she were maybe she could save Piper spot. Summer can't believe that Lily is using Piper to get to be Dance Captain. 

Back in Studio A, Finn and Jacquie are practicing their duet. Kenzie come in with Kingston. She walk right in the middle of Finn and Jacquie and start practicing pushing them aside. Jacquie and Kenzie both trie to dance in the middle of each other space to push the other team out. In the end Jacquie and Kenzie end up dancing together compleatly ignoring the boys.

In the locker, Amy and Noah meet with Summer to see how it went with Lily. Summer is telling Noah the only way to save Piper spot is to make Lily Dance Captain. At first Noah doesn't want to give Lily the Dance Captaincy. Amy and Summer convince Noah to do it for Piper. 

In Studio A we see Kenzie and Jacquie dancing their duet. 

Everyone back in Studio A and Miss Angela has an annoncement. She introduce Lily as the new Dance Captain.  Miss Angela is forcing everyone to clap. Lily first move as Dance Captain is to promote Winnie from B-Troupe to A-Troupe. Noah, Amy and Summer feel betrayed by Lily. Summer is talking out about Piper. Lily tell her that Piper has a spot in B-Troupe. Miss Angela say that if Piper has followed protocol and call in a sick day she would still be on the Team. Summer call Miss Angela out on how she treat Piper and how she favor Lily. Miss Angela is making Summer clean mirror for talking out of line. 

Later at night, Summer cleaning mirrors in Studio A. Noah and Amy come in to support her and help clean mirrors. Then the rest of the team is comming in to help Summer. Summer saying the only problem is that Miss Angela is a monster and they need a monster to fight that monster. They need a Dance-Zilla. Cue in Richelle, she comming back to the studio. 




Cultural References

  • The title of the episode alludes to a song by Beyoncé called "Work It Out."



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