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"Winner Takes All" (also known as "Winner Takes It All" on iTunes and CBBC) is the 30th episode in Season 1 of The Next Step and the 30th episode overall. It premiered on January 3, 2014. This episode is the Season 1 finale.


The Next Step studio battles the Elite Dance Academy as the final two groups at Regionals.


Eldon michelle season 1 2

Eldon tells Michelle that he wants to be with her.

The Next Step is practicing their routine for finals. While rehearsing their duet, Eldon admits to Michelle that he wants to be with her and lied when he said otherwise. Despite their mutual feelings, the two decide that it would be best if Eldon waits until after Regionals to break up with Emily. James and West joke about how romantic Eldon and Michelle's duet is, thus bringing Emily's attention to the duo. Emily pulls Eldon aside and asks to speak to him, but he lies that he cannot talk because he is having trouble with the choreography. Emily begrudgingly complies and decides to speak to him later.

Chuck Anderson and Stacey Tookey announce the commencement of the finals. They comment on how they believe that The Next Step used their best routine as their main one, which is finalized by Kate who confesses that their new routine is not as polished as their first. Elite performs their finals routine, which is practically flawless. They are awarded a standing ovation when they finish the routine, which Emily remarks is rare in the dance community.

James beth season 1 wta

Beth tells James that she still loves him.

The Next Step takes the stage moments before they are to perform. While waiting in the wings, Riley notices Beth is backstage and notifies James of this. James has a conversation with Beth back-stage during which Beth tells James that she still loves him. When James returns to his previous position, he lies to Riley that Beth merely wished him good luck. He confesses that if he tells Riley what really happened, she will be unable to focus on the routine. Emily witnesses Michelle and Eldon hug and confesses that she always noticed that the two had feelings for each other. Wanting to finally clear the air, Emily asks Eldon if he wants to be with Michelle to which he begrudgingly concurs. Emily stands in shock, just as her teammates take their positions for the upcoming performance. In a daze, Emily takes her position below the prop and steals a final glance at Eldon. The team's routine commences with Michelle and Eldon's duet. The routine is Romeo and Juliet-themed; Eldon and Michelle are Romeo and Juliet respectively, while the other dancers are opposing family members who do not want them to be together, but eventually recognize their love. The team concludes their routine to a standing ovation; while the team is giddy with adrenaline from performing their stellar routine, Emily fights back tears.

Giselle michelle emily chris season 1 wta

Michelle and Emily hold up the team's trophy.

Elite and The Next Step take the stage to hear the judges's verdict. Before the verdict is revealed, Eldon tells Michelle that he told Emily that he wants to be with her, unnerving Michelle. The judges announce that The Next Step is the winner of the competition. The team bursts into celebration as the members of Elite sullenly exit the stage. Emily offers Amanda her hand which Amanda rejects. James and Riley kiss on-stage, a sight which Beth shakes her head at. Amidst The Next Step's celebration, the judges bestow the team with their trophy. As Michelle and Emily hold their trophy, Michelle asks Emily if they are okay. In response, Emily takes the trophy out of Michelle grip, shoots her a cold stare, and trudges away. After a ceremonial dolphin tail, Michelle steals another look at Emily, only to be met with a cold, unnerving stare.


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  • The title refers to a song entitled "The Winner Takes It All" by ABBA.






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