West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Pictorial quotes


I don't know if she's gonna be able to cocoon, this one!

Zoltan , to Minnow

Are you the mouthpiece of the group? Is that what this is? You're quite cheeky, you know.

Zoltan, to Emily

It's not who I am. It's when I am. And when am I, Minnow? [...] Right now.


Something funny over here? 'Ey sweatpants?

Zoltan , to James

Don't worry kids, today's a good day. Today's the day that's going to change the rest of your days.

Zoltan , to A-Troupe

I'm a designer. But even though I'm getting paid, this is kind of charity work for me.

Zoltan, to A-Troupe

The top here is a strawberry hat which I think is indicative of your age group because you like sweets and ice cream and such and uh...and that was honestly the basis for the entirety of the look.


This one here is based on bob sledding which is my favourite event in the Olympics. I don't watch Olympics, but I do like the fashion...


This part looks large but, really, it's bubble wrap and chicken wire fence. It seems dangerous and it is.


Zoltan has arrived, it's showtime.


I've seen a model walk clear off the end of this stage. I've seen a model walk off their right, I've seen a model walk off the left. They fell on the audience members...they were sued! Do you want to be sued?