Michelle art teacher better than this "It's a tree, just like this one."
"Mmm—that's broccoli."

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I thought you wanted to fight for this. I thought you wanted to fight for me.

Riley, to James

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"You're the One That I Want" is the 15th episode in Season 2 of The Next Step and the 45th episode overall. It aired on May 23, 2014.


James and Eldon do some male bonding while Hunter and Michelle go out on a date.


Michelle hunter season 2 episode 15

Hunter tells Michelle to wait as he finishes off a chapter in his book.

Hunter is at Culture Shock, reading My Super Sweet Vampire Romance when Michelle approaches him and instantly ridicules the book. Then, Hunter asks Michelle out on a date with him to a concert, which Eldon angrily overhears. Michelle accepts, surprised that Hunter asked her but hopeful that it is a fresh a fresh start since getting over Eldon.

Giselle and Thalia are cooling down at the ballet barre in Studio A, while James and Riley struggle with their duet in the background. Giselle and Thalia realize that James and Riley are a mess and wouldn't even win Nationals in ten years at their current rate. The two concoct a plan in which they will challenge them with their own duet, therefore making them work harder. They decide to tell Kate about the plan.

Emily sits with Hunter, who is still reading the aforementioned book, in Culture Shock. After speaking of how much she adores the book, Emily asks Hunter if he wants to go see the same concert that he and Michelle are already going to. Emily claims to be happy that the plan has worked out for Hunter, but is clearly not.

Thalia and Giselle tell Kate about their plan. Kate refuses at first, but eventually agrees when she sees how much Riley and James are struggling. Kate confesses that a part of her fears that the plan will backfire.

James and Riley continue to struggle with their duet. While they are arguing, Eldon enters the studio and tells them that she needs some rehearsal. Riley decides to leave the space despite James' protests. Eldon angrily tells James that Michelle is going on a date with Hunter, causing James to sympathize with him. Seeing how angry Eldon is, James decides that he and Eldon need to take some time away from the studio.

James eldon season 2 episode 15

Eldon voices his concerns to James.

James and Eldon are walking down the street. James asks Eldon what he wants from Michelle and Eldon admits that he misses her but doesn't know if he misses her as a friend or a girlfriend. James tells him that he doesn't want her as a girlfriend, because if he did, he's know 100%. James proposes that he and Eldon get shawarma as acquisition therapy.

After their date, Michelle and Hunter are hanging out at Culture Shock. During this time, Michelle continuously brings up Eldon, frustrating Hunter. Hunter eventually tells Michelle that she is talking about Eldon a lot which Michelle didn't even realize. She apologizes, but Hunter realizes that too much time has passed between them and wonders if he should have gone to the concert with Emily instead.

James and Riley are performing their duet for Kate and it is going badly, as usual. Kate tells them that Giselle and Thalia are challenging them for their duet and that the challenge will take place that afternoon. Riley and James are flabbergasted as they did not audition for the duet together.

Riley season 2 episode 15 2

Riley hands her and James' duet over to Giselle and Thalia.

Giselle and Thalia's plan is underway. While they are dancing, Riley and James aren't even paying attention, but are bickering instead. After their dance, Riley and James are supposed to perform. Once they on the floor, Riley asks James if its worth fighting for, to which he says no. Riley tells Giselle and Thalia and they can have the duet, as she and James don't want it anymore.

Hunter is practicing his Nationals solo in the Music Room. Emily enters and Hunter confesses that he instantly gets a smile on his face at her appearance. When he finishes, Emily asks him how his date went and is surprised when he describes it as horrible. Hunter explains that Michelle couldn't stop talking about Eldon and he admits to Emily that the whole time Michelle was talking about Eldon, he was thinking about her. He kisses her just as Michelle walks in. Emily confesses that this kiss is perfect and that it is everything she has ever wanted a kiss to be.


Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song of the same name in the movie, Grease.




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