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"No! Clearing my throat sounds like [unintellegible noises]."

This article contains lyrics that when heard in the official song are unclear, and therefore may be incorrect.

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"You Know" is a song that Alfie writes and sings for Riley in "A Fool in Love," knowing that the next day would be special.[1]


A waterfall, I'm on a raft
That takes me to the place that we would go to
And you know that I would cherish every moment we had
Together, yeah

And every time that you would smile
My heart would thump and trump so hard
That I would think I was having a heart attack
And fall into your arms

[Unidentifiable word(s)] all yours
So let's run away and hide [Unidentifiable word(s)]

'Cause you
Girl, you
You know, you know, you know
You stole my heart away
I think about you everyday

And you
You know, you know, you know
There ain't no other way
I think about you everyday

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