Dancing with The Next Step is really weird. They've been our sworn enemies for years. I don't know how this is gonna work.


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"Your New Beginning" is the 7th episode in Season 3 of The Next Step and the 71st overall. It aired on March 23, 2015.


New Elite members are having a hard time adjusting; James plans a surprise for Riley.


Your new beginning

A-Troupe finishes their performance.

The newly established A-Troupe is dancing in Studio A together for the first time. Many of the dancers confess how odd it is for the previously rival members to be dancing together, since Elite and The Next Step have been sworn enemies for year. While some of the dancers believe that it is irrelevant whether they like each other or not, a handful of the dancers believe that they cannot win Internationals in their current state. Although the team looks polished as they dance, it is obvious that they are still a part of two separate teams when the routine ends and they disperse.

Riley is pacing in the waiting room at orthodontist's office while James sits, reading a magazine from 1992. Riley excitedly confesses that she is finally getting her braces off and cannot wait to eat all of the things that she couldn't with braces. When Riley sits down, James begins cracking jokes about how he won't even recognize Riley after her braces are taken off but, too anxious to accept the joke for what it is, Riley resorts to taking James' magazine, rolling it up, and hitting him on the head with it. Riley returns James' magazine and leaves to enter the orthodontist's office, but not before smiling at James with her braces on one last time.

Phoebe cierra season 3 ynb

Phoebe compliments Cierra's suggestion.

With the tension in A-Troupe unbearable after the group rehearses a routine, Cierra suggests that the troupe performs duets to bring them closer together. Phoebe commends the idea and orders Noah, West, and Giselle to pair up with a former Elite member. Noah pairs up with Cierra, West pairs up with Max, and Giselle pairs up with Shantel. Giselle confesses that she is excited to work with Shantel. Phoebe catches Thalia and Eldon together and Eldon asks whether or not he and Thalia can do a duet together. Phoebe resorts to asking Thalia what Eldon's pre-competitive ritual is. When Thalia answers it correctly—Eldon does not wash his lucky sock for three weeks before a competition—Phoebe gives the two the afternoon off, believing that they have already bonded enough. Thalia confesses that she shouldn't have gotten the question right because she would have been able to work with Eldon.

Cierra and Noah are sitting on the floor of Studio A in silence. Noah suddenly breaks the silence by claiming that he had a pizza with too many olives the night before but, realizing that he should ask Cierra about herself, he asks her if she ever misses Elite. Cierra admits that while she misses parts of it, she doesn't really miss it entirely. Noah assures Cierra that he misses J-Troupe sometimes, causing Cierra to realize that both of them are new to A-Troupe. Having bonded, the two begin to choreograph their duet.

Riley exits the orthodontist's office with a pair of fake, rotten teeth on. She takes them off when James begins to inspect them and James jokingly gasps, after which he assures Riley that she looks beautiful. Riley confesses that she cannot wait to show everyone her new teeth.

Noah cierra season 3 ynb

Noah and Cierra perform a duet.

Cierra and Noah perform their duet for Phoebe. Both parties confess that they had a lot of fun choreographing and dancing together. When they finish, they are met with applause and compliments from Phoebe. Cierra confesses that it was a good exercise if she does say so herself.

Cierra is telling Skylar about her duet idea in Hidalgo's when Riley approaches them in the hopes of having them notice the removal of her braces. Riley sits between the sisters and begins commenting on how cheesy Skylar's pastry is, as the word cheese accentuates Riley's teeth. Although, it only works to weird out Skylar, who deems Riley as seemingly obsessed with cheese and smiling, and Cierra, who eventually asks Riley if she is okay. Riley asks the two if they notice anything different about her and Cierra admits that she seems very happy. Riley prods them on for elaboration; Cierra guesses that Riley won the lottery, Skylar guesses that her happiness is a result of the island print on her shirt, then Cierra guesses that her hair is making her happy. Riley leaves since the two cannot seem to notice that she got her braces off, but Riley decides to cut them some slack since they're new.

James passes by Eldon on his way to Studio A with a paper bag in his hand. Eldon asks James what is in the bag and James is skeptical of telling him, as he knows Eldon will not understand. James eventually tells him that he purchased a romantic gift of corn on the cob for Riley which confuses Eldon. Eldon watches as James provides Riley with the gift and Riley hugs him. Eldon does not understand why the corn is working, but confesses that it gives him an idea. Eldon departs as Riley chows down on her buttered corn on the cob. Riley confesses that it is the most romantic gift that she has ever received in her life.

Max west season 3 ynb

Max and West perform their duet, despite not practicing it.

Phoebe asks West and Max how their duet is going. Max and West tell Phoebe that their duet is good, but West confesses that they didn't really work on much. Nonetheless, he believes that due to their similar styles, there should be no problem. Surely enough, Max and West perform their duet to near-perfection, causing both Max and West to confess that they must have some sort of telepathic connection. When they conclude their duet, West confesses that he can see him and Max becoming friends. Phoebe commends them on their duet and confesses that she hopes the last duet goes as smoothly as the first two.

Eldon approaches Thalia in Hidalgo's with a a paper bag. He tells her to stand and, once she is standing, Eldon kneels and presents his "romantic" gift: corn on the cob. Thalia takes the corn on the cob from Eldon, hits him over the head with it and returns it to him. She proceeds to leave Hidalgo's, scoffing at Eldon's "romantic gift." Eldon initially doesn't understand what went wrong, but comes to the conclusion that Thalia didn't like the corn because it was unbuttered.

Shantel provides Giselle with a well-thought out description of what is going to take place during their duet. Giselle is taken aback and reminds Shantel that the purpose of the duet is to get to know one another. Hearing this, Shantel tells Giselle her name, repeats Giselle's name, shakes her hand, and tells her that they should start dancing. Giselle believes this to be besides the point and asks Shantel to tell her something about herself, but Shantel merely retorts with the same question. Giselle tells Shantel that she started dancing when she was five and Shantel tells her that she started dancing when she was two and passed her ballet exam when she was five. Giselle tells Shantel that she started acro when she was seven then went to circus school, causing Shantel to compare her to a clown. Shantel tells Giselle that she got her aerial when she was eight and toured with a ballet company when she was fourteen. Giselle tells Shantel that she learned all the styles and is now here. Shantel asks Giselle if she is happy now and is ready to dance. When Giselle quietly concurs, Shantel begins ordering Giselle around. Giselle confesses that Shantel is causing her to move further away from Elite.

Michelle riley season 3

Michelle asserts that she is not going back to Madison, although she is secretly unsure.

Riley walks past Thalia and Michelle. Thalia points out Riley's teeth, but only to tell her that she has something stuck in them. Riley explains to her that it is corn, since James got her a really romantic gift of corn on the cob. Thalia confesses that maybe that is why Eldon got her the corn. She leaves, laughing to herself. At last, Michelle notices that Riley got her braces off. Riley asks Michelle if she is coming back from Madison or her dad's; Michelle confesses that she's been all over the place, but just came back from Madison. Riley asks Michelle if she is planning on staying in Madison, but Michelle assures her that she isn't.

Phoebe enters Studio A as Giselle and Shantel struggle to practice their duet. Phoebe admits that she is feeling a lot coming off of them, but asks to see the duet. Shantel refuses to perform the duet due to its alleged messiness and Giselle resorts to performing the duet on her own. Giselle confesses that she would have loved to get to know Shantel, but that Shantel is just too stubborn. Phoebe confesses that Shantel still hasn't let go of her Elite ways. Phoebe commends Giselle when she finishes, but still dubs the duet as a disaster and states her disappointment. When she leaves the studio, Shantel immediately begins to condemn Giselle's performance. Giselle is angered at Shantel's nerve and tells her that it doesn't matter if the duet was mess, because the point of the exercise was to get to know each other and work as team. Giselle walks out of the studio and Shantel sarcastically commends her on her teamwork. Giselle confesses that she is done with Shantel and thinks that she will never fit in.


  • The opening sequence now includes Shantel, Cierra, Noah and Max, and has removed James and Hunter.
  • Eldon's pre-competitive ritual is not washing his lucky sock for three weeks before a competition.
  • Giselle started dancing when she was five, started acro when she was seven, went to circus school to become a contortionist and learned all of the dance styles upon her return.
  • Shantel started dancing when she was two, passed her ballet exam when she was five, got her aerial when she was eight, and toured with a ballet company when she was fourteen.

Cultural references

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Julia Durden.





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