West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Dancing with The Next Step is really weird. They've been our sworn enemies for years. I don't know how this is gonna work.


I don't have to like these people, they don't have to like me. As long as we look like a team and we're clean, that's all I care about.


I cannot wait to be able to eat corn on the cob and apples and hard candies and gum.


I might not even recognize you. You know what you should do? You come out with a little name tag that says, like, 'Hello, my name is Riley.'

James , to Riley

This has been bothering me all rehearsal. Something's not right here. Clearly, there's two separate teams, we're not a family yet, and there's no way we can win Internationals like that.

Cierra , to the rest of A-Troupe and Phoebe

Right now, I'm feeling the divided countries. So this is a good opportunity for them to become one.


Phoebe: Quiz time. Thalia, what is Eldon's pre-competition ritual?
Thalia: Oh, that's easy. He doesn't wash his lucky sock for, like, three weeks before a competition.

Noah: I had pizza yesterday.
Cierra: Oh yeah?
Noah: Way too many olives.

Sometimes I miss here. And I go here.

Noah , to Cierra

I'm playing with you. Look at you, look how beautiful you look.

James, to Riley

This was a great exercise, if I do say so myself.


Riley: That's a very cheesy pastry.
Skylar: Yeah.
Riley: Lots of cheese in there. Like cheese on cheese on cheese.

Riley: Notice anything different about me?
Cierra: Well, you seem very happy.
Riley: Yes, yes! And why would that be?
Cierra: You won the lottery.
Riley: No, no. Uh... but try again!
Skylar: Your shirt! It's, like, islands. It's a choice.
Cierra: The hair! It's the hair.

Eldon: What is it?
James: It's corn on the cob.
Eldon: How is that romantic?
James: Uh... it's the most romantic.

I don't know why the corn is working. But it gives me an idea.


I feel Max and I are on a level that is beyond talking. We don't even have to talk to communicate or to connect.


I have no idea what went wrong. It wasn't buttered. Should have buttered it.


Hey. So listen, I was thinking we start at the back of the room, you start behind me, and when I count five we, like, split up, then we do a kick, a jump, maybe even some turns. Then, at the end, the last five counts of eight we do some acro stuff and everything, and I have the music picked out and everything.

Shantel , to Giselle

Giselle: It sounds great... but I think you're kind of missing the point of the exercise.
Shantel: And what's the point of the exercise?
Giselle: Well, to get to know one another.
Shantel: I'm Shantel, you're Giselle. Let's dance.

Shantel, to Giselle

Giselle: I started dancing when I was five.
Shantel: Well, I started dancing when I was two, did my ballet exam at five and passed that.
Giselle: 'Kay, I started dancing when I was five, started acro when I was seven and went to circus school.
Shantel: Oh, so like a clown.
Giselle: No, like a contortionist.
Shantel: Well, I started dancing when I was two, did my ballet exam at five, passed that. At the age of eight I got my aerial, then I toured with a ballet company when I was fourteen.
Giselle: I started dancing when I was five, started acro when I was seven, was a contortionist, went to circus school, came back, learned all the styles and now I'm here.

Thalia: Hey, your teeth!
Riley: Yes, yes! What about my teeth?
Thalia: You-you've got something in your teeth.
Riley: Oh. Yeah, it's corn. James got me this really romantic gift of corn on the cob.

Phoebe: You guys feeling what I'm feeling? 'Cause I'm feeling a lot coming off of you two right now.
Giselle: I'm feeling something.

I'm not dancing. It's just messy and the timing's off. At Elite, we shouldn't show something that's so messy.

Shantel , to Phoebe

Giselle: So, you're going to make me do the duet by myself?
Shantel: I'm not making you do anything.

Unfortunately, it was a complete failure because we only had one. One plus one equals two; duet. I'm making note of this. This was your choice. I'm disappointed.

Phoebe , to Shantel

Of course we failed the duet! Of course! She didn't want to work with me at all!


Shantel: You didn't point your foot at one of the parts. I just thought we decided pointing, not flex. And then, for the arms, they were, like, here, and I really thought we decided on here. And then, the left—
Giselle: Are you kidding me? After all of that.
Shantel: I'm just saying, that's why I didn't wanna do it.
Giselle: Yeah, but... it doesn't matter if it's messy. The whole point of the exercise was to get to know one another. This might be how you guys do things at Elite, but this is not what we do at The Next Step. We actually work as a team.
Shantel: Nice. Nice teamwork.