Noah's back already cost us the first qualifier, and I know it's still bugging him.


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"Your Time Is Gonna Come" is the 18th episode in Season 4 of The Next Step and the 112th episode overall. It aired on June 10, 2016.


"James, Eldon, and West compete in the first round of the Bangers & Mashups Hip-Hop Extravaganza in London."[1]


Riley season 4 episode 18

Riley tells the dancers of how important the qualifier is.

In Studio A, Riley tells A-Troupe that she knows a lot of the dancers did not agree with her decision to pull them out of the second qualifier. Amanda asks if Gemini Dance Studio even ended up going and Riley reveals that they did and that they won. Piper tells Riley that she was, therefore, right. Riley tells the team that they need to focus on the third qualifier which is a duet competition. Riley decides that Alfie and Noah will be the duet that competes since they were the top two voted dancers from the auditions for the second qualifier. Riley reminds the dancers that only one team qualifies so they absolutely have to win. As the team disperses, Alfie asks Noah if he's ready to rehearse, but Noah says that he has to take care of something first. Amanda shakes her head as she watches Noah leave the room, hoping that Noah knows what he is doing since his back is still bugging him.

Eldon west james season 4 ytigc

West attempts to smack talk.

James, West, and Eldon are at the first round of the Bangers & Mashups International Hip-Hop Extravaganza. 40 teams are competing in the first challenge of one v. one battles and the loser automatically goes home. The Masked Man's co-host, Lindsey Russell, introduces the competition. West is representing the team in the first challenge. James confesses that before each competition, smack talk ensues between the competitors in order to get into the opponent's head. As the boys watch the dancers on-stage smack talk, Eldon asks West if he even knows how to smack talk and West asserts that he can. James tells him to practice on him and West provides a sorry attempt at smack talking. Nonetheless, West is sure that he knows what he is going to do. Meanwhile, Riley enters Studio A where Alfie is practicing alone. She pulls him aside to speak to him about her choice to remove the team from the qualifier and Alfie stands by his belief that she made the wrong decision as studio head but expresses that he feels good that she cares about him. Riley tells Alfie that she is sure that he and Noah can win the qualifier and becomes lost in Alfie's eyes. Snapping out of her daze, Riley realizes that Noah should be practicing with him and leaves to find him.

West season 4 ytigc

West tells N'SANE that he loves him.

The first two dancers complete their battle and the Masked Man declares Fuego Fuego Hip-Hop Academy as the winner of the challenge. Eldon, James, and West enter the stage when their studio are called up. Their competitors, The Rough and Tumble Razor Backs, from Colombia enter the stage moments later. The Masked Man calls for the smack talk to begin and West's competitor, N'SANE, tells West that he can't wait to sweep the floor with an Internationals winner. He goes on to say that he saw him dance last year as a puppet master but that he is now pulling the strings and calls West a ratty old sock puppet with button eyes and a worn-out heel. West confesses that his competitor did not get into his head. When it is his turn to smack talk, he tells his competitor that he loves him and goes on to kiss him on the cheek. James, the bystanders, and the competitor alike are in shock. West confesses that he is all about love and that he is pretty sure it got into his competitor's head.

Amanda season 4 ytigc

Amanda tells Noah that he needs to see a doctor.

In Java Junction, Noah is commenting on Amanda's egg salad sandwich in disgust. Riley approaches him and tells him that he should be rehearsing with Alfie. Noah confesses that his back isn't up for rehearsal, but tells Riley that he forgot to eat breakfast and is eating now, which he attempts to prove by taking a bite out of Amanda's sandwich. Riley orders Noah to go to Studio A and leaves. Amanda confronts Noah about his injury but Noah assures her that she is wrong about his back.

West and his competitor prepare for their battle. Lindsey tells the two that there are three rounds: House—in which the moves are bouncy and the music is repetitive, Moves and Grooves, and Waterflow. West believes his competitor to be good but thinks the crowd is with him, proven when the Masked Man deems West as the winner of the House round.

Noah alfie season 4 ytigc

Alfie assures Noah that he doesn't have girl trouble.

Noah finally joins Alfie in Studio A. Noah says that he was having girl trouble which Alfie finds laughable since he is actually in a relationship with a girl who likes him back. Noah asks what Alfie had in mind for the duet and Alfie tells him that he was thinking of a step-step by 40 but, after performing the move, Noah's back begins to act up. Noah lies to Alfie that he left mid-conversation and needs to work out his girl trouble which Alfie agrees to since an unfinished conversation deserves to be finished. On that note, Alfie confesses that he has more to say to Riley.

The Moves and Grooves round, in which the competitors are supposed to "sit in the pocket" of their groove and really feel the music, commences. Although West dances great, his competitor wins the round. James confesses that if they don't win the next round, they are going home.

Noah approaches Amanda in Java Junction and tells her that she was right about his back. Amanda advises him to tell Riley, regardless of the consequences, because he could injure himself permanently. Noah realizes that he needs to do the right thing or else put his whole dance career at risk.

Noah riley season 4 ytigc

Noah tells Riley about his back.

The Waterflow round, in which the dancers isolate throughout their body like that of a water, commences. Although his competitor is great, the Masked Man deems West as the winner. Eldon, James, and West are ecstatic that they are moving forward in the competition. Meanwhile, Riley is sitting in the Lounge when she is approached by Noah. Noah finally reveals to her that the reason he fumbled at the first qualifier is because his back was seizing up and that his condition hasn't improved. Riley confesses that she is in disbelief but that everything is starting to make sense. Noah tells her that he is going to a doctor and begs her not to take him off of the qualifier; Riley tells him that if the doctor says that he can dance that he can do the duet. Noah leaves, worried yet relieved. Riley gets a video chat request from James and accepts it. James tells her that he is sorry that he couldn't talk to her earlier and tells her about the state of the competition. Riley tells him that he seems so far away but James tells her that he feels like time and distance don't even apply to them. James asks her if she is okay and she says that while she isn't, she can handle it since he'll be back in a few weeks. James tells her that he loves her and she says the same to him, then their call ends. Riley confesses that she just has to hang in for a few more weeks. Moments later, Alfie enters the room and sits before Riley. Alfie tells Riley that he knows she isn't available at the moment, but that his feelings for her aren't going away so that if anything changes she should let him know. Alfie then leaves, leaving Riley alone in the Lounge.


Cultural references

  • The title of the episode refers to a song by Led Zeppelin of the same name.






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