West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Amanda: Did the Geminis even end up going to the second qualifier?
Riley: They did. And they won.

Noah's back already cost us the first qualifier and I know it's still bugging him. I hope he knows what he's doing.


Here we are at the Bangers & Mashups Hip-Hop Competition in London. There are 40 teams competing in this first challenge of one v. one battles and if you lose, you go home. And we did not come this far to go straight back home! We've never seen a competition like this and I am psyched.


This dude came here knowing he was gonna lose. A dude like Santana? He ain't got no moves.

— a competitor

Eldon: Yo, do you even know how to smack talk?
West: I can smack talk all day. I knew how to smack talk before I could talk.
James: Okay, man.
West: Or smack.

James: It's not a game, it's psychological warfare. Practice on me right now. Yo, what is this? What is that?
West: Check it. Skeeby skeeby do be wop. West is about to stir up the pot, pop.

Why did I think West could smack talk? He can barely talk talk.


Hey, it's Mr. Santana. King of the boogie. Dance moves like chess moves, you move like a rookie.

Santana, to his opponent

Riley: You, um, haven't really said much since I pulled the studio out of the qualifier to make sure we didn't lose you.
Alfie: Right, as I told you, as a studio head, I don't think you made the right decision.
Riley: So you still feel that way.
Alfie: But as a friend, it's nice to know that you care about me.

I'm trying to focus right now on the studio and our future on not on how Alfie's eyes are so... stop it Riley.


The vibe of Bangers & Mashups is insane. Super street, super cool. These guys look unreal.


Yo. I just got one thing to say to you, man. I can't wait to sweep this floor with an Internationals winner. I saw you dance last year. The whole puppet master thing. But I'm pulling these strings now, man. You're just a ratty old sock puppet; two little buttons for eyes and a heel that's all worn out.

N'SANE, to West

Alright. I got one thing to say to you, man. I love you!

West, to N'SANE

I'm not a negative person. For me, it's all love. And I'm pretty my love got into his head. And that, my friends, is how you smack talk.


Noah: How can you eat that?
Amanda: What?
Noah: Egg salad sandwich. I hate that!

Riley: Give me one good reason why you're missing rehearsals.
Noah: Um... I-I forgot to eat this morning. That's why. You see I get this low blood sugar and I don't want to take a chance with this body.

Amanda: Why are you lying to Riley? And why are you skipping rehearsal? It's your back isn't it, Noah?
Noah: You see, the pain in my—
Amanda: No no no, I'm not done yet. You could seriously be hurt. And I don't want you dancing at the next qualifier. You need to see a doctor.
Noah: It really is getting better and you need to stop worrying.
Amanda: You're lying to yourself.
Noah: Listen, I was right about the egg salad sandwich; it is disgusting. And you're wrong about me.

Alfie: You're late!
Noah: I'm sorry. I was just having some girl trouble.
Alfie: Girl trouble? Look, you like this girl, she likes you back.
Noah: Yeah.
Alfie: And you're in a relationship with this girl?
Noah: Mhm.
Alfie: You don't have girl trouble.

Noah: You know what? I left mid-conversation and I need to go work out my girl trouble.
Alfie: An unfinished conversation deserves to be finished.

I think I just proved my theory that hip-hop is love. All you need is love, baby.


I just feel like, you know, all those things like time, distance... doesn't really apply to us.

James, to Riley

I know you're not available right now. And I also want you to know that my feelings aren't just gonna go away. So... if anything changes, just let me know.

Alfie , to Riley