Zara is a hip-hop and jazz funk dancer, former A-Troupe member, as well as a former mathlete.

After a long bout in B-Troupe, Zara eventually auditions for A-Troupe which she makes it onto.[2] Zara attempts to balance her dancing with being a mathlete, but it eventually proves too much and she quits the latter.[3]


Before the show

Zara became a member of B-Troupe.[2]

The Off Season: Season 1

When rehearsing for A-Troupe auditions, Zara befriends Jacquie.[2]

Season 5

Zara is nervous to audition for A-Troupe, but makes it onto the troupe.[4]

Zara reveals to Josh that she is the captain of her school's math team, although this proves to be a complication when she learns that her math quarter final is the same day as the dance battle against TNS West.[1] She refrains from letting anybody other than Josh know about her predicament, ultimately deciding that she will make use of public transit to commute to the studio during the hour between her competition and the dance battle. Against her wishes, Josh reveals this plan to Emily, causing her to be removed from the dance battle. Nonetheless, Zara is happy about TNS East's ultimate win over TNS West.

After her team is disallowed from competing at Regionals, Zara joins the newly merged A-Troupe, which is eventually allowed to compete.[5] Realizing that she can no longer juggle dance and math, Zara chooses the former and remains secure in her decision even after she is taunted by Marcus. After competing against Jacquie and Richelle, Zara wins the female hip-hop solo for the qualifier video.[3] Although, Zara eventually loses this solo in favour of a pointe solo for Richelle.[6]

Zara is shocked at Richelle's assertion that she broke her pointe shoe and fears that she might be wrongfully kicked out of the studio. Thankfully, Zara's status at the studio remains intact and she is able to dance in the qualifier video, which leads to her being ecstatic when she finds out they have qualified for Regionals.[7]

Season 6

Zara is said to have left The Next Step after qualifying for regionals.[8]


Zara initially appears to be very confident, but is later shown to easily become nervous, as seen before her A-Troupe audition[4] and during Leon Blackwood's masterclass.[9] Zara is friendly, but can occasionally be quite snarky. She is also very intelligent, seen through her stint as captain of her school's math team.

Physical appearance


Zara has light brown skin and dark brown eyes. Her straight, black hair is usually either worn in a bun or in a high or low ponytail.


When dancing, Zara wears a blue tank top with black leggings.



  • Acro: Zara can do an aerial and front walkover.
  • Hip-hop: While hip-hop is allegedly one of Zara's main styles, she claims that she isn't the strongest hip-hop dancer, which aids in her wariness about partaking in Leon Blackwood's class.[9] However, it is possible that Zara means she is not the best hip-hop dancer on TNS East.
  • Jazz funk: Jazz funk is Zara's other main style and she is the only dancer on A-Troupe to ever be a specialized jazz funk dancer.



  • Math: Until she quits,[3] Zara is a the captain of her school's math team. Zara claims that she can "solve equations on the fly" and that she "knows a theorem or two."[1]


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The Off Season: Season 1

Season 5



Group dances


  • Zara is left-handed.[10]


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